Open Live Writer – Server Error 501 using Blogger Service

Since the death of Windows Live Writer, the Open Live Writer dev team has given it a new life and  making small improvements over the past year. While there has been some improvements, the application is still has a lot of the old dependencies.

Take for an example, in a recent forum post an user posted an error with using the Blogger service; saying he was getting error 501.

The exact error was:

The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented.

This is really a reminder that the images that you use on the Blogger service are all stored in the Google Photos service. And when you post images using the web GUI of Blogger, it’s a transparent function. When you use/used Windows Live Writer/Open Live Writer the images are stored in Google Photos, where a folder/album called Windows Live Writer has to be created.

So, if you are running into the same error, open, create a new album called Windows Live Writer and then try to publish with Open Live Writer and you should be fine.

If you have multiple Google accounts, ensure you are doing this on the account you use with your Blogger account.


Creating a new album requires at least one image.

Some clarification needs to be made here.
This article says you need a “Windows Live Writer” folder with Google Photos, but you can also use “Open Live Writer”. For this article, I said “Windows Live Writer” because if you have used Windows Live Writer previously, you should have that folder, if not, you can establish an “Open Live Writer” folder for new installs.

For more information on Open Live Writer:

If I can assist any more, just let me know…

The Open Live Writer dev team confirms this is a result of the API change from Google. Open Live Writer can’t create the Open Live Writer/Windows Live Writer folder automatically, so it has to be done manually. The instructions above apply and are now part of the tutorials from Open Live Writer—

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