How to setup Windows Live Writer with TypePad

imageThis post is for setting up Windows Live Writer with TypePad and Windows Live Writer 2011 [or previous].

This process should take all of 5 minutes.

This post also assumes you already have Windows Live Writer installed on you machine and are currently using to publish with other blogs.

You should always use the current version of Windows Live Writer [where possible]. I know there’s other that prefer the old version, but Microsoft is only going to move forward, so…

How to setup Windows Live Writer with Blogger

yr14g2vaSeems like of the more popular questions in the Windows Live Writer forum is the question/issue of not getting Windows Live Writer to work with a BLOGGER account.

I don’t really understand why, it’s actually quite easy, but I figured I would put something out here and see if it actually helps anyone.Rolling on the floor laughing

Strikethrough not working with WordPress - how to

3ikxhkwmWordPress no longer supports the strikethrough option and Windows Live Writer has the option to strikethrough, but when it’s published the strikethrough doesn’t appear.

This is because WordPress is changing the code on the fly to remove it. You need to enter proper /current HTML code to have it work correctly.

To account for this you've to use a plug-in to make the adjustment manually.

Windows Live Writer Enable WordPress Remote Publishing

zc43mz5vIf you want to use Windows Live Writer with WordPress you've to enable the remote publishing option in the WordPress Settings » Writing.

Look for the option to enable ATOM publishing and XML-RPC.

You only need the XML-RPC option…

Windows Live Writer: Tweeter

imageThere’s a new plug-in for Windows Live Writer; which is nice because it’s something I believe should’ve been offered natively with Windows Live Writer, but that’s why you've guys writing plug-ins.

This one is another Twitter plug-in for Windows Live Writer, but it does you a favor by shortening the URL’s as they’re posted, using

This plug-in is very small at 28k and seems to work as intended.

BUG: Windows Live Writer 2011 - Auto-Linking

imageThis is an example of a bug in Windows Live Writer. Basically, if you create an auto link in Windows Live Writer and don’t include the http:// in the path for the auto link, Windows Live Writer creates a faulty hyper-link in the blog.

And as everyone should know, having a bunch of faulty links on your website will lower you ranking with Google; so you want to avoid that.

I’ve a video of how this problem comes about.

Windows Live Writer New plug-ins site - how to search it.

imageThe new Windows Live Writer plug-ins site is horrible; it’s an insult to any kind of forward thinking, and one of the stupidest things is that they removed the ability to SEARCH the plug-ins gallery.

At least in the old gallery you could search for keywords; you can’t with the new one.

You can now- with Google.

How to Schedule Posts with Windows Live Writer 2011

imageIf your one of those bloggers that blog in advance and want to schedule you posts out in the future at some point; you can do that with Windows Live Writer— it’s built right in to the application. Another one of the applications great feature set.

You can do this really easy, just start blogging as you normally would. As you complete the post/blog just take a look in the top right-hand corner…


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