How to setup Windows Live Writer with TypePad

imageThis post is for setting up Windows Live Writer with TypePad and Windows Live Writer 2011 [or previous].

This process should take all of 5 minutes.

This post also assumes you already have Windows Live Writer installed on you machine and are currently using to publish with other blogs.

You should always use the current version of Windows Live Writer [where possible]. I know there’s other that prefer the old version, but Microsoft is only going to move forward, so…

How to setup Windows Live Writer with Blogger

yr14g2vaSeems like of the more popular questions in the Windows Live Writer forum is the question/issue of not getting Windows Live Writer to work with a BLOGGER account.

I don’t really understand why, it’s actually quite easy, but I figured I would put something out here and see if it actually helps anyone.Rolling on the floor laughing

Strikethrough not working with WordPress - how to

3ikxhkwmWordPress no longer supports the strikethrough option and Windows Live Writer has the option to strikethrough, but when it’s published the strikethrough doesn’t appear.

This is because WordPress is changing the code on the fly to remove it. You need to enter proper /current HTML code to have it work correctly.

To account for this you've to use a plug-in to make the adjustment manually.

Windows Live Writer Enable WordPress Remote Publishing

zc43mz5vIf you want to use Windows Live Writer with WordPress you've to enable the remote publishing option in the WordPress Settings » Writing.

Look for the option to enable ATOM publishing and XML-RPC.

You only need the XML-RPC option…

Windows Live Writer: Tweeter

imageThere’s a new plug-in for Windows Live Writer; which is nice because it’s something I believe should’ve been offered natively with Windows Live Writer, but that’s why you've guys writing plug-ins.

This one is another Twitter plug-in for Windows Live Writer, but it does you a favor by shortening the URL’s as they’re posted, using

This plug-in is very small at 28k and seems to work as intended.

BUG: Windows Live Writer 2011 - Auto-Linking

imageThis is an example of a bug in Windows Live Writer. Basically, if you create an auto link in Windows Live Writer and don’t include the http:// in the path for the auto link, Windows Live Writer creates a faulty hyper-link in the blog.

And as everyone should know, having a bunch of faulty links on your website will lower you ranking with Google; so you want to avoid that.

I’ve a video of how this problem comes about.

Windows Live Writer New plug-ins site - how to search it.

imageThe new Windows Live Writer plug-ins site is horrible; it’s an insult to any kind of forward thinking, and one of the stupidest things is that they removed the ability to SEARCH the plug-ins gallery.

At least in the old gallery you could search for keywords; you can’t with the new one.

You can now- with Google.

How to Schedule Posts with Windows Live Writer 2011

imageIf your one of those bloggers that blog in advance and want to schedule you posts out in the future at some point; you can do that with Windows Live Writer— it’s built right in to the application. Another one of the applications great feature set.

You can do this really easy, just start blogging as you normally would. As you complete the post/blog just take a look in the top right-hand corner…

How To Set Background Image In Windows Live Writer 2011

There’s been some users in the Windows Live Writer forums that have asked how to insert images behind a table, or how to establish a table with an image behind it; well this is going to be a nice resource for you.

I don’t understand why Windows Live Writer lacks these abilities. It was like this in the previous version of Windows Live Writer v14 [2009], and not much changed besides to GUI in 2011.

But this post is going to show you how to establish a table with a background image to a HTML table.

How To Reinstall Windows Live Writer 2011

Windows Live Writer reinstall toolboxUsers seem to be having issues with Windows Live Writer 2011 lately.

Some are reporting exception violations, others are reporting missing fonts and there’s other errors that keep Windows Live Writer from starting.

But from time to time the support staff in the forums advise people to simply reinstall Windows Live Writer 2011 on their machines; stating that the installation could be corrupt; and their right— it could be.

And they point them to a KB article..

I chose to do one a little more ‘different’… I like to include a few more options and information in my instructions. Things that might be useful to know.

Windows Live Writer 2011 - old post retrieval - pt2

imageThis post is a continuation/follow-up to another post I released earlier; addressing problems with being able to retrieve posts that were older, more than 100, via Windows Live Writer 2011.


I submitted this problem to Microsoft support for Windows Live Writer.

Here's the URL:

After a couple of days I got a response from the support team. They replied indicating that they would look into it, and then I received another reply with some web links.

I don’t think the first website really addresses the problem that I’m having specifically with Windows Live Writer and WordPress, but I think the second website was more specific to the point; the exact error that I was having.

Windows Live Writer 2011: How to Indent Text [alternatives]


Windows live writer doesn’t have a definitive indent function; it’s not altogether obvious. And the indent function is not represented in the toolbar.

Curiously enough, you can utilize the TAB function on the keyboard to indent text, but Windows live writer uses the the BLOCKQUOTE function from the HTML, but this doesn't always work for all themes/users; because all themes are different, they use CSS in many different ways, and the results my not be what you want.

If you’re comfortable with HTML, and custom style sheets, you can edit the CSS for the blog to adjust for this, but if you know NOTHING about CSS and HTML, there should be an option to account for something like this - but there’s not.

Well, it can be done with other options.

Problem Found: Windows Live Writer 2011 - Opening Old Posts


Windows Live Writer  2011 added more functionality to handle opening posts over 500 [for WordPress blogs], but I was trying to edit an old post the other day and it’s over 100 posts in the past, so I decided to test it out, as opposed to doing it the hard way.

I got an error:
The response to the
metaWeblog.getRecentPosts method received
from the blog server is invalid:
Invalid Response document returned from
XmlRpc server

I don’t know what the issue is, I’m posting it to the Windows Live Writer forum and I have my windows live writer log ready for them to review.

How to: Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline

distributable version,microsoft team,offline version,temporary thing,livewriter,computer programs,wikipedia,pita,windows live messenger,internet connection,microsoftI’m not a big fan of web installers.

I find them a complete PITA because you may not always have an Internet connection, and if people like Microsoft start insisting on these types of installers it’s just going to be bad.

The new Windows Live Essentials just came out and everything for the Microsoft team seems just hunky-dory for them, but it’s not possible right now to find a distributable version of these packages.; surely there’s a reason, but I don’t care - I need an offline version.

I was checking out the web the other day and found an article about ‘offline Installers’ and I also think it’s very important to share this.

Internet Explorer 9 Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

Windows Live Writer 2011With the release of Internet Explorer 9, there was a little bit of blogger news that came with it; Windows Live Writer 2011 is in beta right now and ironically so is Internet Explorer 9 [thank goodness] because the latest release of Internet Explorer 9 breaks Windows Live Writer 2011.

The Windows Live Writer team is advising people who have upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 and that are using Windows Live Writer 2011 to downgrade, back to Internet Explorer 8 if it’s necessary.

Call me crazy, but we’re talking about Microsoft here, and with issues like this you start to understand how compartmentalized they are.

But betas are betas and natively meant to be prone to bugs; thus they’re beta. They need people to beta test to find these issues and correct them.

How to: Get MORE tag with Blogger

imageWindows Live Writer is a strange beast sometimes.

While its highly regarded as the best offline blogging tool, it misses simple and obvious functions. It throws new people who want to use it for a loop, and then they come to the forum searching for answers.

Things like having the option of a MORE option to break a post in to two parts for Blogger.

It's asked in the forums a lot; why it doesn't get resolved? I don’t know.

The break/MORE for WordPress is the same for Blogger. Go figure, but you do have some options.

Here's what your available options are...

How to: Create A Bookmark HTML In A Blog Post

imageSo the question comes up in the Windows Live Writer forum, can you establish bookmarks [HTML] in a blog to link to specific parts of a blog with Windows Live Writer?

The answer is NO- not natively, but you can do it other ways.

But if you know a little HTML code, you can do it. Or if you've a HTML WYSIWYG editor it’s not real hard.

You can do this with Kompozer; a free HTML WYSIWYG editor you can download. Very easy to use and portable. Great for quick HTML edits.

If you're looking to something special/specific with the layout of your site/blog, you can make an attempt establish/compose a blog, edit it with an outside HTML editor to have more HTML control. I suggest trying Kompozer [it's free and open source]


Here’s my example…


Windows Live Writer 2011: Getting BANNED from PING Servers?

Blah, blog, Blogger Account, Canned Responses, Crap Load, Microsoft, options, people, Ping Function, Ping Servers, Private Messages, Risk, Support Forum, Support Forums, Support Resource, Windows Support, wordpress, Writer SupportIf you’re using the PING SERVERS function in Windows Live Writer; the question is, will Windows Live Writer 2011 get you banned from a social ping servers?

I’ve been able to help out plenty of people in the Windows Live Writer support forum, and while Microsoft techs are visiting the support forums for Windows Live Writer a bit more regularly than the old one, they aren’t really providing a great deal of assistance- not from what I’ve observed. Or maybe there’s just a crap load of private messages from Microsoft to the users… I don’t know.

I believe I’ve been fairly reasonable with Windows Live Writer, in the support forums, but since I can’t get an answer from the official support resource, I’d guess I can ask the Internet; why not?

Zemanta crashing Windows Live Writer 2011 - videos

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...This is a couple of videos I did for Zemanta.
I was trying to explain to them the flashing of the sidebar, so videos do that pretty well. And I knew the sidebar plug-in crashed right around 500 words, so I just did some rambling and filled in some stuff.
I know it sounds weird if you read it, but I was just trying to produce the error.
So this what I wrote and the videos I created…
Enjoy. [laughing]

Problem: Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Live Writer 2011

blog, Capitalization, Checkbox, Composition, Dragon, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, guess, phrase, Plug Ins, previous versions, Related Articles, Shiny Ribbon, Spelling Mistakes, Spelling Options, Stupid, Windows BetaIf you're using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Live Writer 2011 you'll notice a new problem with the latest release of the Windows Live Writer beta.

The specific problem is that with every new sentence, every new phrase, in every new set of words or corrections that you make; everything begins with the capitalization. this wasn't a problem in the previous versions of Windows Live Writer, but I guess with the introduction of version 2011- it's a problem now.

It's not a major issue, the problem can be resolved with a simple checkbox...

Windows Live Writer 2011: Setting Default Image Behavior

imageSince Windows Live Writer doesn’t come with a operations manual some people may not know about the ability to set default image behaviors.

For instance if you are writing articles for a particular blog and you always want the images that are imported into the blog to have a drop shadow, or to be a certain size, or to look a certain way; you can set the default behavior of that image when it’s pasted into Windows Live Writer.

This is how you do that…

New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

blog, Blogger, Close Windows, Composition, crashes, Definitive Moment, Error Message, Flashing, Initial Startup, Live Assist, New Windows, Related Articles, sidebar, Suggestion, Suggestive Images, Windows Beta, Writer ApplicationI've been attempting to use the Zemanta in Windows Live Writer for the past couple of weeks and everything seems be going fairly okay, but recently I've been experiencing problems with Zemanta.

Zemanta provides a plug-in for Windows live writer to assist the blog author in the composition of their new post. It offers suggestive, images, selected links/supporting articles and links to similar articles.

Zemanta recently updated their plug-in to work with Windows live writer 2011 [beta].

Here's what I've got thus far...

Windows Live Spaces: No MORE tags?

imageOne of the things that’s pretty interesting about Windows live spaces, that’s actually uncommon, is that Windows live spaces does not have the option for a MORE tag.

If you take just about any blogging service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Etc.] that’s on the Internet right now, or that’s commonly used, most of those blogging services are going to have the option to split the blog post into multiple sections, so that you can give the readers a snapshot view of the content that you’re presenting.

At that point, the reader can decide whether or not they want to continue reading, if it’s interesting enough, or they just want to continue on and ‘bounce’ to the next website.

Ironically enough Windows live spaces does not offer this option…

How to: Add Digsby to Windows Live Writer 2011

Everyone wants to make their blog posts more interactive, and while sharing links may get you more popularity, some people are looking for more direct response from the readers.

One of the most popular instant messaging applications is Digsby. Digsby is a powerful instant messaging application that’s compatible with just about every instant messaging protocol that’s available on the Internet.

In addition to being able to interface with all these instant messaging protocols, Digsby also offers a widget; HTML code that can be placed into the post of your article, where readers can communicate with you directly.

How to: Add plug-ins to Windows Live Writer 2011

Windows Live Writer is a fantastic offline blogging tool with a WYSIWYG editor. It interfaces with just about any blog service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, etc.] If you're a blogger you'll find this tool incredibly helpful- and it's free from Microsoft.

What makes the application even better is that the program has extensibility through plug-ins. The overall function of the application can be increased greatly by simply adding plug-ins through the application.

How To: Setup PING services with Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer has the ability to pain social networks when new articles are posted/published. Normally blog services, like WordPress, and take care of these small tasks for you, especially when you’re scheduling your posts.

A Windows Live Writer has an option in the application settings to allow you to designate which ping services at you’d like to use.

Here’s how you would set that up…

How to: Delete An Account From Windows Live Writer 2010

Windows Live Writer is very simple when you’re adding your first blog account to the application; it has an account wizard when you’re first starting off, but the process is not so simple, and straightforward if you’re adding ancillary accounts.

It seems like a very simple function, but apparently the people get confused on what to do on how to add or delete accounts for Windows Live Writer [...]
This post covers only the removal of a blog account.

Blogger: Google Picasa Storage Test

Blogger stores all my images on my Google Picasa account; it’s not like my WordPress account. So the question is, what happens when the storage on Google Picasa runs out?

I’d speculate I would need to more to another image host... But that’s really not too convenient for a blogger to go from one image host to another.

I’ll have to keep looking for options.

Windows Live 2011: RC distribution September 9th

Based on a post on this website it reports that [via leak] that Microsoft plans to go with the RC on September 9th.

I believe Microsoft has a serious problems with leaks in general.

I’m only listing the highlights...

Windows Live Writer 2011: Updates Twitter Plugin

imageIf you utilize Windows Live Writer, there's a very good probability you also have Twitter Notify plug-in installed.

Don’t get overly animated, as Twitter notify plug-in begins asking for sign-in credentials from today and it doesn’t work even if you provide with ID and password.

The reason behind that is Twitter today has made altered the process on how you sign-in to Twitter. And it doesn't provide notification that you'd need to update.

Windows Live Writer 2011: Image Properties

imageWindows Live Writer is a great program. One of the things that users don’t know about Windows Live Writer is that the images that are inserted can be changed from what your clicking on to what you get after you click on an image.

Based on this request:

Here’s how...


How to setup and use Windows Live Writer with WordPress

imagePeople are always wondering what Windows Live Writer is, what it does, and how to use it.

Windows Live Writer is an offline blogging tool with a WYSIWYG editor. It interfaces with just about any blog service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, etc.] If you're a blogger you'll find this tool incredibly helpful.

This is a good video on how to get started with Windows Live Writer.

If not already, download the beta...

Windows Live Writer Gallery Overhaul Coming

Author Name, authors, Clipboard, Email Address, firefox, Formatting, Hosting Solution, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Msi Installer, New Windows, Plug Ins, Post Publishing, Submission Processes, Team Updates, Windows Live IdIt’s all about the plug-ins. If Microsoft has learned nothing else from Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, it’s the fact that plug-ins make or break an application.

I received an email several days ago and it said that all existing plug-ins and NEW plug-ins are going to have to go through a new process to post plug-ins to the new upcoming Windows Live Writer gallery [or just Windows Live gallery]. Either way, right now, it’s deplorable.

But I seriously doubt this is the way to get this ball started.

Diatribe of Windows Live Writer 2011

Windows Live Writer is one of my favorite programs. I use it to blog and compose, but it’s also a point of ongoing friction. It has great potential, but lacks the soul of enthusiastic developers.
I don’t mean to be so harsh on it. It’s really nothing personal about the comment, but open source vs. a closed source shop; there’s a fairly large difference there. The mentality is completely different on how and where a program goes when it’s released in the wild.


Windows Live Writer 2011: Adjust Proxy Usage

imageUsing Windows Live Writer with a proxy shouldn't be required, unless you know definitively that your using one. Windows Live Writer uses the settings from the Windows operating system, Internet Options [Control Panel/ Internet options] for communications.

If your default browser is working fine, and you can access the Internet [getting to Hotmail, Google, Yahoo...], there should be nothing to do/change with Windows Live Writer proxy settings; Windows Live Writer should work as advertised.

Windows Live Writer 2011: How To Add a Blog Account


It seems like a simple task, but since Windows Live Writer 2011 doesn’t come with an use manual or an uber-helpful help file, it’s kind of a mystery to some about how to do certain things in Windows Live Writer.

Things like Adding an account in Windows Live Writer can be something that some NEW users don’t understand.

Or even maybe adding another blog account. Here’s some information on how to do that…

Windows Live Writer: Insert MORE tag in to BLOGGER post

imageIf you need to be able to break up your posts in Windows Live Writer for a ‘read more’ at the bottom of your post...

Here’s how to do it...

Post BLOGGER PAGES with Windows Live Writer

Blogger, Copy Paste, Ctrl C, Feedback Request, Forums, Html Post, Inserting Images, Issue Question, Lot, Native Abilities, New Version Of Windows, New Wave, New Windows, Reason, Time Windows, V15I visit the forums for Windows Live Writer a lot to attempt to help others where Windows Live Writer lacks some native abilities or if some people are just lost on how to use the application [since theirs no help manual].

But there’s a reoccurring issue/question in the forum about not being able to establish PAGES for BLOGGER from inside Windows Live Writer.

For some reason, the Windows Live Writer team just hasn’t gotten around to that yet, but there was a comment left the other day about how someone else did it, but it didn’t cover the issue of inserting images or other media...

So I offer this...

Windows Live Writer 2011: Setting A Default Image Behavior

If you want to set a default image behavior/action...

In Windows Live Writer, insert the first image...



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