Windows Live Writer 2011: Getting BANNED from PING Servers?

Blah, blog, Blogger Account, Canned Responses, Crap Load, Microsoft, options, people, Ping Function, Ping Servers, Private Messages, Risk, Support Forum, Support Forums, Support Resource, Windows Support, wordpress, Writer SupportIf you’re using the PING SERVERS function in Windows Live Writer; the question is, will Windows Live Writer 2011 get you banned from a social ping servers?

I’ve been able to help out plenty of people in the Windows Live Writer support forum, and while Microsoft techs are visiting the support forums for Windows Live Writer a bit more regularly than the old one, they aren’t really providing a great deal of assistance- not from what I’ve observed. Or maybe there’s just a crap load of private messages from Microsoft to the users… I don’t know.

I believe I’ve been fairly reasonable with Windows Live Writer, in the support forums, but since I can’t get an answer from the official support resource, I’d guess I can ask the Internet; why not?

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