Windows Live Writer 2012: How To Add 500 Top Domain Names To Your Auto-link LinkGlossary.XML [easy]


I was thinking the other day that I keep running across all these new domains that I've never heard of, and I have to keep putting in the new links into Windows Live Writer because I want to build a link to them in the future and utilizing the auto linking function in Windows Live Writer is actually very convenient.

I was able to go out to a website and grab a listing of the top 500 websites in the world. I grabbed only the name of the website and the URL to link to that website, and then I wrote a script to convert the names of those websites and the URLs to the matching XML of the Windows Live Writer linkglossary.XML that uses for the auto linking.

The result is that I now have a listing of top 500 websites in the world, auto linking into Windows Live Writer, and hopefully I won't have to and very many more auto linking entries.

But for your convenience, I want to add that information here; you can add it to your own linkglossary.XML in Windows Live Writer, if you want to.

Windows Live Writer 2012: Continuing To Use An App That Microsoft Has Forgotten


I continue to be a little bit disappointed with Microsoft's progress on any development with Windows Live Writer.  It seems that Microsoft has all but forgotten about Windows Live Writer.  there hasn't been any updates to Windows Live Writer in quite some time in the program still lacks the basic ability for a find and replace function.

Having to come to the realization that Windows Live Writer may actually be a dead product to Microsoft, you have to start thinking about what application you're going to move to next.  Such a concept is fairly depressing because Windows Live Writer has been such a well received application in the blogging community.  It makes the overall blogging process so much easier,  if for nothing more than being able to drag-and-drop images into the blog posts and to be able to see generally, what the blog post is going to look like before it's actually published.


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