Google's Picasa web offers free image and video storage – unlimited


I just had a person contact me through my website [IM]. They were asking for help because they said that their Google Picasa account was over the limit.

I found this interesting because according to the documentation from Google, Google Picasa does not limit storage of images or videos as long as they're under a specific size. That means unlimited storage…

Here's the link/page:

'…Free storage limits

Photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't count towards your free storage.'

Google's blogging service, blogger, would be very good if they were limiting the number of pictures people could upload. That's one of the primary draws of having a blog, is being able to share information and screenshots, or just images.


According to the documentation/the website, all the images that are uploaded from Google+ or from the Google Picasa software, all the images are resized automatically to 2048 x 2048. Any images over the size will count towards your quota. And maybe that's the catch…

Use Google+ or Picasa, or resize the images yourself, or you're going to have a limitation placed upon you.

Take for an example, I have [at this time] 736 images, but I'm using 0% of my quota… [nice]


It also says that if you do reach your storage quota, and you want to continue uploading pictures, those pictures will have to be manually adjusted to be within the free storage sizes.

It's actually pretty simple.

Happy blogging!


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.


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  1. My most loved feature of google is this, it gives virtually unlimited space. But we google also mentioned that it is going to stop the free service in the coming month as a new updating change which makes me feel that i need to check for another source for hosting. prefer alternative sources

  2. Free services, most of the time, means limited services. They can be perfect if you’re only going to save small files. Though, there are some services that just come and go, and some are not that reliable because some files go missing in storage. This is why, it’s still best to avail of a service that can protect your files, including backing them up just in case.
    - Ruby Badcoe



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