Windows Live Writer: Where’s the requirement for Internet Explorer

imageOne of the more irritating things about Windows Live Writer, but not in a total way, is the requirement for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a plethora of problems just waiting to happen.

Its struggles in the past with standards and its security issues make it very troubling; knowing you have to work with it, but on the same token, Windows Live Writer has such a great dependence to it.

And how much does that play in to in the fact some themes from WordPress don’t get detected correctly?

I was recently working on a post and was presented with an issue I had never seen before, not in two years + of using Windows Live Writer.

As I inserted a video in to Windows Live Writer I got a ‘ding’ noise from my machine and then a few seconds later, I got a notice from Windows Live Writer.


I was thinking to myself, ‘I’ve never seen that…’, and then shortly after I get this notice about having to install Adobe Flash. Well, I have Adobe Flash installed; but then I realized I don’t use Internet Explorer and that’s probably why it’s asking me to update.


And so I did do the update, and everything seems fine now, but another thing struck me about this… I have NEVER seen a requirement for Internet Explorer in the Windows Live specifications.

So, I checked out the specifications page:


There’s nothing on there about requiring Internet Explorer.

If a program requires another program, don’t you think that the dependent application should be checking for the parent applications when they start; don’t you think if you have dependencies you should be checking those?

As a person who’s been watching the Windows Live Writer support forums, Windows Live Writer has issues with starting if you aren’t using a current version of Internet Explorer. And it’s ironic that it’s required to have Internet Explorer with Windows Live Writer, but it’s clearly not listed as a ‘requirement’ on the requirements page…

If you check the release notes from the Windows Live Writer site; there’s only a few entries, but there’s a lot more issues— Windows Live dev team just aren’t documenting those issues.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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