Windows Live Writer 2011: How To Fix Problem With Detecting Theme - Part 2

tech support WordPress Windows Live WriterThis is really a follow-up and an add-on to another post I did about Windows Live Writer and problems with templates.


With the latest version of Windows Live Writer [v15 [15.4.3508.1109]] 2011 there’s still problems reported with Windows Live Writer not being able to determine or be able to use specific WordPress themes at all; some won’t even download.

The official response from the Windows Live Writer support forum is sadly worthless. 99% of the time the support technicians  the forum, all they want is the Windows Live Writer log to be able to give to someone so they can review it- or not. But sadly, from someone that’s in the Windows Live Writer forums more than the technicians, they rarely respond to issued pertaining to WHY the theme didn’t download.

But I have a few more thing to share…

1. WordPress themes are awesome and they just keep getting better and more complex and elaborate each time; with each designers coming up with some better than the last— how are we to expect Microsoft to keep up with someone on the cuff of development and Windows Live Writer doesn’t even have a FIND and REPLACE function.

So what we need to understand is that WordPress theme can be complex and Windows Live Writer really isn’t… so you need to simplify [your theme].

If your theme is complex, with lots of plug-ins and special features; turn those OFF.

It’s simple, login to WordPress the admin page, click on plug-ins, choose the ACTIVE plug-ins and then choose all plug-ins.

deactivate all plug-ins WordPress

Don’t try detection with all the fancy stuff on. All Windows Live Writer needs to know is where’s the title and where’s the body. The rest is CSS.

You can always come back and activate them again, in bulk actions. Simple and fast.


2. If you are still having issues detecting your blog with Windows Live Writer, try turning of the dynamic abilities of your blog [of WordPress].

WHAT am I discussing?!

In WordPress, the admin page of the blog, there’s a SETTINGS  section. You’re going to go in to the Settings» Reading section…

Find the option for ‘a static page’.

reading settings WordPress

Change the setting from ‘your latest post’ to ‘static’.

Static in the WordPress world, most know that it’s a page that’s not created on-the-fly, it’s served up as is, nothing fancy; so Windows Live Writer 2011 should love it.

Again, on both of these make the changes before you go mucking with Windows Live Writer, attempting to detect the blog; you’ll just waste your time.

If the changes work, great; you can go back to enabling all the plug-ins and the ‘latest posts’ settings and reverting those back.

And here’s the link to the forum where you can submit your Windows Live Writer log; not that they’ll really get back with you…

Here's the URL:

and if you haven’t ready, check this out for more options for solving your theme problems.


I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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