Windows Live Writer 2011: Setting Default Image Behavior

imageSince Windows Live Writer doesn’t come with a operations manual some people may not know about the ability to set default image behaviors.

For instance if you are writing articles for a particular blog and you always want the images that are imported into the blog to have a drop shadow, or to be a certain size, or to look a certain way; you can set the default behavior of that image when it’s pasted into Windows Live Writer.

This is how you do that…

If you want to set a default image behavior/action...
     In Windows Live Writer, insert the first image...


     Apply all the changes [customizations] you want to the image [drop shadow,
     water mark, size, etc.].


Once you've done this, [under Picture Tools, FORMAT] choose SET TO DEFAULT.


With that blog account, from that point on [even when you restart the
application], all images added to the post will be treated the same way.

     This is now the DEFAULT action for inserting images for that blog.
     If you need to clear this action [under Picture Tools, FORMAT] choose



Personally, I would like to see more options for default settings for specific blogs.

There’s a very good possibility that people that are composing blogs need to have one preset size for the introduction and then on other sides for all subsequent images that would be included below the MORE tag.

If you'd like, you can leave feedback for the Windows Live Writer team for suggestions/improvements:

I hope this helps…

Until next time,

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  1. Hi

    Excellent advice. Out of interest, do you have a set of recommended settings for images when writing blog posts.

  2. well, my blog I like to set the images to small, med and large to something like 230, 400 and 550 for image size. As for the effects you can apply those would be up to you. But you can set all these things as a default…

    I hope this helps...

    Larry Henry Jr.

  3. Hey thanks for this. I could not find much information about windows live writer help online. It was really annoying setting image formatting FOR EVERY POST. Most appreciated!

  4. I've been using WLW for a few years now but changed computers and had to install the latest version. This was driving me up the wall, not being able to save the default settings for photos. Thanks so much for this!! You made my day :)




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