Windows Live Writer 2011: Image Properties

imageWindows Live Writer is a great program. One of the things that users don’t know about Windows Live Writer is that the images that are inserted can be changed from what your clicking on to what you get after you click on an image.

Based on this request:

Here’s how...


imageLet’s just say I’ve this random image; it could be from anywhere, drag-and-drop or cut and paste- the point is you want to adjust the image and the image behavior.

The most obvious thing we can do is re-size the image on the post. But we need to remember is that Windows Live Writer has two (2) image that we’re working with- one for the post and one for the presentation [a thumbnail image and a full-size].

So stretch the image as much as you want, no big deal.

But what happens when you click on it?
     What are those options and where do I find them?

imageIn Windows Live Writer 2011, they’re at the top. double-click on the image is the fastest way to get there.

Then you’ll see the link to, link options and the ALT text options.



Link to

The question is here is where do you want to go after you click on the image?

The picture

Another URL/website

Just do nothing...


The link options


If you’re linking to the original image, you've some options.

Do you want to link to the original image, or do you only want to have someone observe the image at another size, maybe something a little more compatible [800x600].


imageYou can se something custom.

You can lock the ratio for when resizing and you can choose to have the image open in a NEW window as opposed to having them actually leave the site at all.

imageIf your wondering, you can set the custom, preset image sizes with the little button to the right of the image size.


The other option is ALT text...

imageThis is for when the image you've on the site doesn’t load, or gets lost, or if you want to use it again; this will help you and others find those images.

It also provides a title/description to the image for the users.

[strongly advise using it]


That’s it...

I hope this helps...

Until next time,

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