Zemanta crashing Windows Live Writer 2011 - videos

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...This is a couple of videos I did for Zemanta.
I was trying to explain to them the flashing of the sidebar, so videos do that pretty well. And I knew the sidebar plug-in crashed right around 500 words, so I just did some rambling and filled in some stuff.
I know it sounds weird if you read it, but I was just trying to produce the error.
So this what I wrote and the videos I created…
Enjoy. [laughing]
UPDATE: Zemanta released a new version of their plug-in fixing previous issues with crashing Windows Live Writer and issues with Windows Live Writer version. Kudos and nice response from Zemanta!

So who is MARKO?! It stopped blinking!

Awesome. That's exactly what we were searching for... okay all done for now. So this is where I try to get Windows Live Writer to crash.

I keep entering random pieces of information in to the application and hopefully we'll get to a point where Windows Live Writer just crashes and crashes and crashes.

Oh, I'm at 61 words and Zemanta images just started showing up. I really like the way the plug-in works for the Blogger as they blog. It'd be nicer if Zemanta could find similar articles/images; maybe ones used before as a select gallery, but I don't really know the goals of Zemanta and it's not really my place to do such thing.


Oh I'm at 126 words and Zemanta FLASHed again; I've all new images. It's actually pretty impressive the way the program does all those image look ups.


Another part of Zemanta is the related articles. Just as with the images, Zemanta continues to scour the web for articles that might be related to what your writing. Obviously, the plug-in is grabbing your text, finding keywords and then doing searches for related articles based on those select keywords.

Oh, I'm 201 words and Zemanta flashed again; it just keeps updating and updating. I believe this is actually the problem later on- as you get more content in to the post. Maybe there's a problem with providing too much information being sent out; maybe Windows Live Writer or Zemanta doesn't like all that back and forth stuff.

Now I'm at 261 words, Zemanta hasn't crashed yet, but it doesn't normally crash until you've got some meat on the bone [as you were].

My post on the Zemanta problem wasn't to bash Zemanta, but to point out a problem, and to provide a workaround [oops images flashed again- new images -310 words] on how to deal with the problem.

I wonder if the problem could be releated to constantly loading images or articles; maybe there's a memory leak that wasn't found previously. Oh, I just realized, I didn't add an image to my rambling post I got here- need to stick to standards here. So clickity [oops more images - 370 words] click - let's go find an image.

okay, I added an image to the top. Always need to have an image at the top to bring the interest in to the post; it needs to be fascinating.

okay, I continue to type. Biding my time, awaiting Zemanta to go boom. I believe we should be really close about now. I believe I'll add some related articles and some in-text links in a few minutes to help round out all the things I'm using and playing with- testing with.

I can do that in a few minutes.

I've never quite understood the

OOps it crashed at 469 words. Now Zemanta is cripped; it doesn't like you anymore. Oh and we've another crash. Oh crash again. What's going on?! It's crashing and crashing - oh the sky is falling. Crap again...Now crashing everytime you even touch zemantas sidebar...

Oh and the flashing back... Not good.

I clicked to add a related article and it crashed... I'm running close to crashing Windows Live Writer altogether... I really need to save it now. okay saved - I've it for later.

I'm going to stop now.

I hope this helps-

I hope you have a nice day


I hope this helps…

Until next time,


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