How To: Setup PING services with Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer has the ability to pain social networks when new articles are posted/published. Normally blog services, like WordPress, and take care of these small tasks for you, especially when you’re scheduling your posts.

A Windows Live Writer has an option in the application settings to allow you to designate which ping services at you’d like to use.

Here’s how you would set that up…

To utilize the PING services in Windows Live Writer

Open Windows Live Writer, choose a menu option, choose options.

Now select ping servers.


From the top, choose the option to ‘ping the following web addresses (one web address for each line) ‘

this will enable the ping feature a Windows Live Writer. The next time a article is posted using Windows Live Writer notification will go out to all of the ping services for the various social networks that you’ve listed.



Here’s a list of ping servers that you can use as a starting point…

Special care should be taken when using this function because utilizing the ping function too much, pinging servers too often, can get your account blocked by the same ping servers; you want to avoid that. and if you’re utilizing the ping function from within Windows Live Writer, you don’t need to use the ping function in your blog service [such as WordPress].


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