How to: Add plug-ins to Windows Live Writer 2011

Windows Live Writer is a fantastic offline blogging tool with a WYSIWYG editor. It interfaces with just about any blog service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, etc.] If you're a blogger you'll find this tool incredibly helpful- and it's free from Microsoft.

What makes the application even better is that the program has extensibility through plug-ins. The overall function of the application can be increased greatly by simply adding plug-ins through the application.

Here's a link to the main Windows Live Writer gallery...

Currently in the Windows Live Writer gallery there’s 155 results/plug-ins for Windows Live Writer.

To install a plug-in into Windows Live Writer, go to the gallery, do a search based on a function that you want; such as twitter.

Example :


As a suggestion, you should try CLIPBOARD LIVE.

This has some options for when you copy and paste information. Don't forget to check the options for the plug-in. It's very useful.

But there are others:

Each plug-in will have a download button on the right-hand side bottom corner, choose the download button.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can simply choose the option to run the plug-in directly from the website.

If you’re using any other browser, choose the option to download the plug-in, save the file to a location on your hard drive and once the file has downloaded, run it.

the installation for the plug-in should only take just a few minutes, most of the plug-ins can be recognized in Windows Live Writer immediately, without rebooting or restarting the application [which is nice].

The plug-in option for Windows Live Writer doesn’t appear immediately, restart the Windows Live Writer application and your new plug-in should be appearing in the plug-in window/drop-down menu.


Plug-in options

Don’t forget to check your plug-in options…


Example clipboard live:


Some plug-ins have options to adjust their behavior, or may have functions that could be very beneficial to you- make sure you check those out.

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