Windows Live Writer: 3 Backup Options

True bloggers know the importance of backups with their blog posts; they’re valuable and should be safe guarded.

ez53fjyyWhy Microsoft doesn’t have a function to backup your Windows Live Writer stuff is beyond me; and why they’d leave that to third party developers to figure this gaping loop hole— another mystery.

Windows Live Writer only keeps a copy of what you compose with it; it doesn’t keep anything else offline. So, you need to ensure your keeping it, because if you lose Windows Live Writer data - it’s gone. You can thanks the GUID that Microsoft uses on that one.

Windows Live Writer 2011: How To Fix Problem With Detecting Theme - Part 2

tech support WordPress Windows Live WriterThis is really a follow-up and an add-on to another post I did about Windows Live Writer and problems with templates.


With the latest version of Windows Live Writer [v15 [15.4.3508.1109]] 2011 there’s still problems reported with Windows Live Writer not being able to determine or be able to use specific WordPress themes at all; some won’t even download.

The official response from the Windows Live Writer support forum is sadly worthless. 99% of the time the support technicians  the forum, all they want is the Windows Live Writer log to be able to give to someone so they can review it- or not. But sadly, from someone that’s in the Windows Live Writer forums more than the technicians, they rarely respond to issued pertaining to WHY the theme didn’t download.

But I have a few more thing to share…

Windows Live Writer 2011: How to Remove plug-ins

Windows Live Writer remove plug-ins logoNo doubt Windows Live Writer is a great blogging tool; there’s nothing that compares to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best it could be. That’s why Windows Live Writer has plug-ins.

Windows Live Writer dev team relies on the zealous programmers out there to finish the ‘finish’ work on Windows Live Writer to make it better.

Browsing through the ole gallery used to be useful with ratings, comments and screenshots, but since Microsoft Windows Live dev team decided that blog users didn’t need to see that stuff— it’s now more important to be able to remove those plug-ins when they’re crap, don’t work or just don’t do the job.

Windows Live Writer: Where’s the requirement for Internet Explorer

imageOne of the more irritating things about Windows Live Writer, but not in a total way, is the requirement for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a plethora of problems just waiting to happen.

Its struggles in the past with standards and its security issues make it very troubling; knowing you have to work with it, but on the same token, Windows Live Writer has such a great dependence to it.

And how much does that play in to in the fact some themes from WordPress don’t get detected correctly?


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