Wow. There was an update to Windows Live Writer 2011…

about Windows Live Writer 15.4.3555.308

I was surprised to see there was an update to Windows Live Writer before Windows 8 came out. Honestly, I'm not able to even fathom why they did this, but only to find out if there's any bugs in it from the Windows Live Essentials team.

The previous version of Windows Live Writer was v15.4.3538.513 the new version is 15.4.3555.308. In the grand scheme of things that may sound great, on the flip side Microsoft still, in two years, and two updates to Windows Live Writer during this time, can't put a FIND AND REPLACE in the edit options for this offline blog editor.

They don't seem to answered any of the users inquiries about adjusting the design and function of the PING SERVERS in Windows Live Writer; with over pinging social site when articles are published. Microsoft has already confirmed this issue, but yet has done nothing about it.

They have failed to address the persistent problem of not being able to pull old blog posts from WordPress blogs, pretty much anything over 100 posts causes Windows Live Writer to crash. Another issue that has been confirmed with Microsoft and nothing is done.


Also, with the latest version of Windows Live Writer, the Windows Live Writer dev team continues to ignore another problem, inserting YouTube videos.

Take for an example, Windows Live Writer doesn't understand what this link [] does… try it— it doesn't work… [but it's a great video]

Again, in two years Microsoft Windows Live Essentials dev have failed to address simple issues.


Windows Live Essentials Installing updates…

And to really smooth the icing on the cake, when my system was provided a notification that there was an update to Windows Live Writer. So, if there's an update of course I wanted to apply it, but what the update doesn't tell you is that it's going to install the WHOLE SUITE of Windows Live Essentials applications; even if you don't want them installed.

Applications like Windows Live Mail and Messenger, applications I have purposesfully have been avoiding installing, Microsoft installed them for me… now I have to go back and uninstall them from my system. Thanks Microsoft for being so considerate and asking me if I'd like these item generally discarded applications installed.

So the update to Windows Live Writer wasn't really an update at all, they just changed the version number, like the last 2 times and didn't change a single thing in Windows Live Writer. Microsoft has forgot Windows Live Writer as the triumphant offline blog editor thinks it to be. They are leaving it to rot just like Internet Explorer and then trying to revive it's bad name…

Sad really.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

...via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11


  1. Yes, but what's the alternative... really - what is BETTER than Windows Live writer? I agree with your comments - many of my Wordpress sites it just can't handle the templates... but what is better?

  2. Nothing is better than Windows Live Writer, but nothing really changed with the update and Microsoft seems to be forgetting it in the latest mentions to the Windows Live Essentials [or death of it] lately.


  3. Here's how pitiful blog editors are -- I run Linux, but set up an old computer with Windows and a KVM switch so I could use Live Writer. For all its failings, since ScribeFire apparently stopped development, it's all there is.



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