I don't want a Windows Live account to blog…

3qqhbss3With the next release of Windows right about the 'season'; looking at a release date time frame of October. I just am not excited about the next release of Windows and I with all certainty am not looking forward to the next version of Windows Live Writer.

Don't get me wrong; I believe Windows Live Writer as it stands now is a great blogging platform, but there's so much change with Windows 8 and the Windows Live Essentials packages being linked in to the Windows Live service. It makes me all very nervous. I prefer not to require a Windows LIVE account linked to my Windows Live Writer when I'm blogging to something else. I prefer not to have to use SkyDrive to blog, I don't want Microsoft to know every single time I open my Windows Live Writer application.

It's my time, they don't need to know that; they don't need to know what I'm writing about. I hope there's an option to NOT keep posts and drafts on the SkyDrive. If not, that's going to just drag.

The rumors of the next release of the Windows Live Essentials points to an all Windows Live SkyDrive experience; including Windows Live Movie Maker— I believe that's just going to be obtuse.

Requests to make Windows Live Writer portable; this is going to be Microsoft's answer to that. And maybe, finally, having a find and replace function in the application would be cool.

I had to stop going to the Windows Live support forums so much… it was depressing. The techs in there are just programmed with the same ole' crap responses, reinstall, bad install, themes don't work… after a while it eats at'cha…

I'm seriously contemplating going back to Zoundry Raven for my blog application… if Windows 8 does this kind of stuff.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

...via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

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  1. You won't need SkyDrive to publish your blog posts, nor to include any photos. You will only need SkyDrive if you enclose a photo album in a post, as Live Writer uses SkyDrive to place a full album. Yes there is tighter integration with SkyDrive but Writer doesn't need it nor does Photos. You can still publish your photos to more than SkyDrive. Flickr for one. Don't panic about it.



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