FrontPage Express vs Windows Live Writer 2011

imageThis is more of a joke post and a jab at the developers for Windows Live Writer 2011 as opposed to anything officially informed.

While Windows live writer is definitively the best off-line blogging tool that there is currently, there’s still some problems with the application. One of the biggest disappointments for Windows live writer was the release of version 2011; where the only thing that they updated basically was the ribbon GUI.

I wanted to do a rough comparison between Windows Live Writer and an application that Microsoft produced roughly 15 years ago…

Broken: Windows Live Writer and URLs

lsrob5fnBasically, the NEW short URL’s from YouTube have broken Windows Live Writer.

I’ve been noticing a rollout of the new shorter URL’s from YouTube, and I’ve also noticed that they don’t seem to work so well inside Windows Live Writer [v15 [15.4.3508.1109]]… For instance, when I go to YouTube and pull out a video, the URL looks like this…

And using that URL to insert an image works just fine. But the new short URL from YouTube; it no ‘worky’ as well… or at all.

Windows Live Writer and Embedding Google Picasa Web Album Videos

h0jrk2lbSo, the question comes up in the Windows Live Writer forum on how to embed a Google Picasa Web Album video in to a webpage. From doing some light searching over the web [using Google], it looks as though Google Picasa web albums doesn’t want you to link to YOUR videos. If you want to embed video [truly embed the video] it seems to have to upload them to YouTube.

It seems like an easy enough deal but what if you don’t want to do that? NOW what do you do? What options do you have…

Well here’s one way…

Windows Live Writer 2011 - set SAVE Interval

ua5am25hIn the previous version of Windows Live Writer you could set the save interval so that you could decide how often Windows Live Writer would’ve your current post as a  draft; and by default the new Windows Live Writer [2011] saves the post every 2 minutes.

But there are others who would prefer for this not to happen so frequent, or would like to do this every minute— cause you can only do this by minute.

So with the new version, they changed up the GUI and removed options to some settings, but they weren’t removed from the registry.


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