Broken: Windows Live Writer and URLs

lsrob5fnBasically, the NEW short URL’s from YouTube have broken Windows Live Writer.

I’ve been noticing a rollout of the new shorter URL’s from YouTube, and I’ve also noticed that they don’t seem to work so well inside Windows Live Writer [v15 [15.4.3508.1109]]… For instance, when I go to YouTube and pull out a video, the URL looks like this…

And using that URL to insert an image works just fine. But the new short URL from YouTube; it no ‘worky’ as well… or at all.

But if you got to the SHARE option at the bottom of the video, you’ll see this…


You can’t use this URL with Windows Live Writer; it doesn’t understand it. Even if you make an attempt use the INSERT VIDEO option from Windows Live Writer, it doesn’t work.


The standard message, ‘unknown provider or incomplete web address.’ is produced. This is why there should be a plug-in for inserting media in to Windows Live Writer as opposed to in the application itself. The plug-ins can be updated without jacking with the main application. Hopefully, this would keep Windows Live Writer more current with the times.

But if you grab the URL from the address bar, it works fine; just as it used to…

This will force average bloggers to get just a little bit smarter on theit blogging talents level.

I don’t know that the Windows Live Writer dev team knows this yet, but the lack of regular updates to Windows Live Writer is going to be an inconvenience to a lot of bloggers who insert videos.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 


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