Windows Live Writer 2012 now has PAGE ZOOM IN/OUT ability during composition


Windows Live Writer is the definitive tool for most bloggers who want to compose blog posts off-line. It's one of the few applications for Microsoft that's truly embraced for what it is, what it can do and for the fact it's free.

One of the bigger questions about Windows Live Writer over the past couple of years has been that it doesn't have the ability to zoom in and zoom out during the course of the composition phase. Like Microsoft office WORD, you can zoom in and zoom out of a document making the appearance of the document larger, but you're not actually changing the font size of any of the text.

Unfortunately, the updates to Windows Live Writer are few and far between. Even more so, when Windows Live Writer is updated, when the version numbers change, Microsoft doesn't disclose what improvements or corrections is made in the application. People have no idea what changes have been made to the application except for the developers for the application.

I did a search on this today, and I couldn't find anything on it, but Windows Live Writer 2012 now has the option to zoom in and zoom out in the composition phase.


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