It's 2014; are you still using Windows Live Writer?

Are you one of the dedicated few that are still using Windows Live Writer? Have you noticed that Microsoft has removed the Windows Live Writer plug-ins page?

Back in August 2014, there was a post on Twitter that indicated that there were some advanced discussions about living Windows Live Writer over to open source. But I wonder if that discussion is too late. Microsoft has essentially killed Windows Live Writer by not offering any updates on the software in years.

The Windows Live Writer support forum is all but a ghost town. There are very few new posts coming into the support forum.

Review: WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro 4.2

I was recently given the opportunity to review WonderFox DVD Ripper, for copying DVDs. I believe everyone has reached a point where they recognize the importance of being able to back up their DVD collection, but more importantly being able to enjoy their media collection anywhere they wanted. Being able to enjoy your media collection anywhere, means that you have to be able to rip your DVDs into a standard format that a software package can use to transmit over the Internet or put in a format that can be used on a portable device, like MP4.
When you purchase DVDs or Blu-ray DVDs, sometimes these purchases come with ultraviolet versions of those movies, but because the complications and the licensing and the accessibility,  plus the issue of redundant streaming of the same movie; it's a hassle. It's easier just to encode your own movies and take them anywhere and do what you want to with them. This is where WonderFox DVD Ripper comes into play.
I believe most people understand that DVDs by default cannot be just copied, they have encryption on them that keep them from being copied and one of the benefits of this software is that it allows you to bypass those encryption schemes.

WLMP Consolidator for Windows Movie Maker


If you have ever worked with Windows Movie Maker 2011 or 2012, you may have run into a situation where you're working on a project where it's partially done, but you need to build a Project to another location, on another PC and be able to work on that video project there as well.

Windows Movie Maker provides some baseline video editing abilities, but one of the things that it does not do is consolidate all of the media that are being used in the composition/rendering of the video. About two months ago, I was in the Windows Movie Maker support forums and there was an individual who is requesting for Windows Movie Maker to be able to grab all the media that was being used for his video composition and consolidate all media types into one folder.

Unfortunately, Windows Movie Maker 2012 doesn't do that. When you're working with a video project in Windows Movie Maker, Windows Movie Maker simply looks to the location where the source video is and works from there.

Download the Full installations for all Windows Movie Maker versions v6, 2011 and 2012

This is just quick post on being able to download all the various versions of Windows Movie Maker [Microsoft Windows Essentials 2011/2012 and Windows Movie Maker v6].

While Microsoft may like the concept of using their web installers, the truth is they're not efficient and the bigger truth is downloading a 120Mb file isn't really that big of a deal.

Windows Movie Maker 2012: Audio BUT No Video Problem?


Windows Live Movie Maker is a free offering from Microsoft that offers novice and average users the ability to edit video and from there, be able to share/publish it to Facebook, YouTube, eMail, DVD and even custom resolutions. It's a basic editor with very simplified interface, and it's part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite of applications.

It's a basic video editing package, but all the video formats it's supposed to support, the application doesn't support those standard video formats until you load the proper codecs. This isn't an end all be all solution, but it's important to mention when dealing with Windows Movie Maker; it doesn't support all the [listed] video formats right out of the gate.

A lot of users that want to use Windows Movie Maker 2011/2012 don't know this. If you are seeing this issue, your problem could be attributed to several things [video drivers, DirectX, codecs or system patches], but it's important to start with simple solutions versus what Microsoft normally does, which is recommend users completely reinstall Windows Movie Maker.


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