Download Full Windows Essentials 2012 [offline] installer


The other day, it dawns on me that Microsoft has killed all their download links for Microsoft Windows Essentials 2012.

This was a slight problem because I was going to get my son started with doing some video editing with Windows Movie Maker 2012, but the download links were gone. Luckily, I keep a lot of the installers I download; that included the last full installer of Microsoft Windows Essentials 2012.

Open Live Writer – Server Error 501 using Blogger Service

Since the death of Windows Live Writer, the Open Live Writer dev team has given it a new life and  making small improvements over the past year. While there has been some improvements, the application is still has a lot of the old dependencies.

Take for an example, in a recent forum post an user posted an error with using the Blogger service; saying he was getting error 501.

Open Live Writer is available at the Windows Store


I've been blogging for a long time and my favorite application to use for generating my articles is/was Windows Live Writer, but Microsoft has since sunset that product. It's been replaced by Open Live Writer. Over the past year, since the Open Live Writer team took over the development of that application, the development team on GITHUB has been busy in the background making small improvements.

The latest version of Open Live Writer can be found on the Windows Store. Just do a search for Open Live Writer. The application will be installed and should be available for automatic update as they're issued.

Open Live Writer v6 fixes some problems with Blogger


You really have to appreciate the developers that have taken over for Windows Live Writer since it's gone open source; Open Live Writer. Microsoft completely abandoned Windows Live Writer couple of years ago and there hasn't been any active development on the application for a while.

Just recently, Windows Live Writer stopped working with Blogger altogether. This left a lot of [Blogger] blog authors completely frantic; looking for solutions. The developers fixed that pretty quick and luckily, with the latest release of Open Live Writer, version 6, a few more issues with the Blogger interface has been remedied.

Open Live Writer – User Manual [CHM]

This is an 'unofficial' user manual for Open Live Writer. In the days of Windows Live Writer, there was never an official user manual for the application from Microsoft, just a bunch of websites with some how to's.

I decided to write this manual for all the people who might like to have an user manual for Open Live Writer going forward. It covers every function Open Live Writer has from downloading it from the website to the information in the About option.

If you aren't sure, Open Live Writer is an offline blog editor that was once called Windows Live Writer; from Microsoft. Microsoft abandoned the application because it didn't fit their business model for their 'Windows Live' blog platform. Thankfully a group of developers, that happened to love Windows Live Writer, worked with Microsoft to take over the project and make it open source.

Just so you know, this is a 'living user manual' for Open Live Writer; meaning it'll be updated as new features and functions are included with the application.

You can download it from here.


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