Getting To Know Open Live Writer


Seeing as how Windows Live Writer is dead [Microsoft no longer actively coding for it] in the last version of Windows Live Writer has been ported off to open source; Open Live Writer— it's time to start talking about Open Live Writer.

Easy enough. Let's start with downloading and installing it. Then let’s take a look where it puts everything.

Open Live Writer Works With Blogger [Again]

Hey! Welcome back! This meaning the ability to post posts with Blogger. The Open Live Writer team has updated their software []. So, for people still using Blogger, they can be considered somewhat happy again.

If you’re a blogger, and you use Google/Blogger, you should head over to and download the latest version.

Bloggers Openly Welcome Open Live Writer

It's been obvious for a long time that Microsoft has been completely neglecting one of the most popular applications they've ever seen for bloggers; Windows Live Writer. Lot of information and rumor has been spread for a long time about Windows Live Writer going open source.

The moment that devout Windows Live Writer users have been waiting for has come true. Windows Live Writer has been released as open source. Some more good news is that there's plenty of volunteer programmers that have stepped forward to donate portions of code to make Windows Live Writer better.

Going forward, with the open source version, it's now going to be called Open Live Writer. as with most software that goes open source, some changes in code will happen. And with this release of Open Live Writer, some features of the application have been removed because of the integration with Microsoft.

Windows Live Writer likes Nuance's Speech Recognition Again


For the longest time, I was a devout user of Windows Live Writer. I used Windows Live Writer to produce pretty much all of my articles on my website, but as Microsoft decided to lean away from supporting Windows Live Writer, I started looking for other alternatives. As my website [LEHSYS]is based off of WordPress, I started exploring options to produce my articles with that platform, but the experience for producing articles wasn't that robust; it was limited in many ways.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of off-line blogging applications that are other decent quality. No one has actually stepped forward to produce something that is really a well-rounded option for blogging off-line, or making it very easy for authors to produce content.

Windows 10: Microsoft leaves Windows Movie Maker to die


With the release of Windows 10, some people may have noticed that Windows Movie Maker may not be there. If you install Windows 10 from a clean installation, it's not going to be there, but if you have Windows Movie Maker installed before you upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10, it should be there.

According to Microsoft's website, Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported by Windows 10. So the question becomes is this a good idea or is it a bad idea? The answer is simple if your Microsoft and a bit disappointing if you're the person who's been using Windows Movie Maker for years; or expecting to have some sort of video editing software built into the operating system.


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