How to Loop a video using Windows Live Movie Maker

imageEveryone seems to think that Windows Live Movie Maker burns dvds; it doesn't. It's a video editor. Microsoft has chunked up the application to where Windows Live Movie Maker does the video and Windows DVD Maker does the video converting and burning to DVD.

If you're trying burn a movie to a disc, and you're having some issues with either burn the disc, needing some options or issues with if the DVD disc is going to be compatible; I have this post…


But his post is for, looping the video…

And from the statement above, Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't do that; Windows DVD Maker does and you can't get the loop function if you're going straight from Windows Live Movie Maker to Windows DVD Maker, you have to bypass that.

If not already, download the latest version of Windows Live Movie Maker 2011-
you can download it from here. [Note: XP is not supported]...



You have to export your WMV files…
To adjust the output of the WMV file of Windows Live Movie Maker, do this...
     In Windows Live Movie Maker, MENU, SAVE MOVIE

If you want Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 to loop video [over and over], that's unrealistic. Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't have that feature. To have the movie loop over and over again, would be a setting on the media playing application [continuous or loop].


Looping the video can be done via the Windows DVD Maker application, but you have to export the video to WMV first and then open Windows DVD Maker. Only then will you get options to LOOP the DVD video.


You may want to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 and if yoou are low on hard drive space, you can change the default file location; this is the place Windows DVD Maker uses while it's converting the Windows Live Movie Maker file from mwv to VOB [for DVD].

At this point, the DVD should burn and it should loop over and over again in just about every DVD player.



The making/creation of a DVD from a computer, and having it work on other DVD players— that's a tricky question. I'd like to say, yes; you're not going to have problems. But there have been many posts [in this forum] where DVDs created don't work, and it's not a fault of Windows Live Movie Maker, but more of the type of DVD media [+R/-R] and the DVD software [Windows DVD maker] and the DVD players themselves can be finicky… so, 3 main factors.

Chances are that if you create a DVD and it works on your own DVD player, it should work on others, but that ratio is like 80/20… 20% it may not work in someone else's player. You can't make it 100% because of the last factor, the DVD player… Some DVD players just don't like self-authored DVD's.  The more robust players handle lots of formats and are very forgiving, while others, not so much.

So, if you're trying to get Windows Live Movie Maker [WMV] file to work with a standard DVD player, there are some things to take in to account...


I hope this helps...

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 


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