How to get multiple captions on to one image/video in Windows Live Movie Maker

imageThe issue comes up periodically in the Windows Live Movie Maker forums on how to add captions to pictures and videos in Windows Live Movie Maker. This little trick isn't hard, but Windows Live Movie Maker does make it a little hard to put multiple captions on to one image/video; it's because of the hwo the GUI works in Windows Live Movie Maker.
You're more than welcome to check out the Windows Live Movie Maker, if you think it'd be helpful…
Anyway, so here's how you do it…
You start off in Windows Live Movie Maker with one picture/image/video and then you can add a single caption to the selection.
From above, you have I have this already. And if you've ever tried this [adding another caption] you know that Windows Live Movie Maker won't let you on that frame; it'll just select and put you back on the caption that's already there [bummer uh?].
Here's where you show Windows Live Movie Maker who's boss…
Depending on how many captions you want to have in that one frame, create X amount of title pages; each page will come with a caption option for text.
Put your captions in each one of those boxes and then move them to where you'd like them to be on the target frame [we're not concatenating them yet].
Now, I can move all my captions on to one frame…
and then I can remove the other frames that have nothing in them…

The result is this… It's really simple… enjoy.
Yeah, so, I hope this helps you…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.
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  2. Thanks for this clever trick :)

    I noticed that the titles run one after the other.

    I have a slightly different requirement. I am generating a language translation video and need to have multiple titles (in different fonts) running concurrently

    Any pointers ?



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