Windows Live Movie Maker Corrupt Project Files? Microsoft will fix it for you! For FREE!

1mdq1aptDo you have Windows Live Movie Maker 2011/2012 installed? Were you working on a project in Windows Live Movie Maker for hours, you saved it; everything was fine, just to come back hours later to find out the porject is now being reported as it can't open or the project you were just working on is now corrupt?
Never fear, Microsoft is here!
Over the past year Microsoft has had consistent and rampant complaints in the support forum over problems with Windows Live Movie Maker and users reporting corrupt project files. For what should've been otherwise a painless process has turned in to a 'dark level of Hell' support case.
Well, the programmers for the Windows Live application may have a solution, but they're not sharing it directly, but they're helping..
I have not seen this option publicized yet; but here's what they're doing…
For users who are reporting that the Windows Live Movie Maker project file they were working on, is now reporting corrupt; Microsoft is allowing the users to come to the forum and get those files fixed…
It works like this…
In the support forum… Report the issue, the support representative will provide a direct upload link, the user's/customer's WLMP file is then upload'd to Microsoft, they run their little project correction tool on the WLMP file, and then they send you back a download link; to download the working version of your WLMP file.
The problem seems to be pointing to a corruption in the 'CAPTION' option in Windows Live Movie Maker. Something about illegal characters or something like that.

Microsoft seems to think it's okay, if you want to get your videos fixed.
Anyway, there's where you go to get your videos fixed, until Microsoft releases a new version of Windows Live Movie Maker.

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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