Internet Explorer 9 Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

Windows Live Writer 2011With the release of Internet Explorer 9, there was a little bit of blogger news that came with it; Windows Live Writer 2011 is in beta right now and ironically so is Internet Explorer 9 [thank goodness] because the latest release of Internet Explorer 9 breaks Windows Live Writer 2011.

The Windows Live Writer team is advising people who have upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 and that are using Windows Live Writer 2011 to downgrade, back to Internet Explorer 8 if it’s necessary.

Call me crazy, but we’re talking about Microsoft here, and with issues like this you start to understand how compartmentalized they are.

But betas are betas and natively meant to be prone to bugs; thus they’re beta. They need people to beta test to find these issues and correct them.

Windows Live Writer uses the Internet Explorer 9 engine, Trident, and apparently with the latest update a problem came up with images.

Original post, where it was reported:

His image…

ALT text and title screenshot

Shows that the title and ALT text are being added to the HTML code, and it shouldn’t. Another issue is the Categories are now case sensitive, and aren’t in [true] alphabetical order.

There also seem to be issues with Windows Live Mail 2011 and Internet Explorer 9 as well, but that’s another issue completely.

If you’re having issues with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Live Writer 2011 [both beta], you should leave feedback to get the issues corrected.


If you'd like, you can leave feedback for the Windows Live Writer team for suggestions/improvements:


As an option, you can attempt to email the Windows Live Writer dev team the information/log you have, perhaps they can help you.


and Windows live writer users are encouraged to visit the Windows live writer forums and leave direct feedback for the development team to address these issues one by one.

Here's the URL:


And for those who need to remove, or downgrade, to Internet Explorer 8, here’s some instructions to walk you through the process.

Internet Explorer 9

To remove Internet Explorer 9 [beta] from your system - do this:

In Windows, go to the Control Panel

Choose the option to Uninstall a program.

Observing the left hand side, choose view updates.

Choose, Internet Explorer 9 and then choose the option to uninstall.

When it’s finished you can reboot your system and you should be back to the old version of your browsers.

Good luck!


Thanks to Aaron and Jimmy Bergmark for finding the first bugs.


So, for everyone, I hope this helps…

Until next time,

...via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Pro.

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