How to: Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline

distributable version,microsoft team,offline version,temporary thing,livewriter,computer programs,wikipedia,pita,windows live messenger,internet connection,microsoftI’m not a big fan of web installers.

I find them a complete PITA because you may not always have an Internet connection, and if people like Microsoft start insisting on these types of installers it’s just going to be bad.

The new Windows Live Essentials just came out and everything for the Microsoft team seems just hunky-dory for them, but it’s not possible right now to find a distributable version of these packages.; surely there’s a reason, but I don’t care - I need an offline version.

I was checking out the web the other day and found an article about ‘offline Installers’ and I also think it’s very important to share this.

While the site goes in to some detail, I’m more interested in the meat of the topic- the file locations.; which I’m sure is subject to change later on. I would really look at this as a temporary thing - for right now.

Here were the links that were listed:

Photo Gallery 2011 (11.1 MB)

Movie Maker 2011 (4.02 MB)

Messenger 2011 (7.64 MB)

Windows Live Writer 2011 (2.65 MB)

Windows Live Mail 2011 (4.98 MB)

Bing Bar (6.2 MB)

Messenger Companion (1.7MB)

Live Mesh (6.01 MB)

Family Safety (4.8 MB)

Outlook Connector Pack (2.2 MB)

I’m not going to rewrite the process of how this information was extracted, the site explains it very well. So if, when, the locations change again the new locations can be extracted and the process repeated.

This is the standalone redistributable installer here:

Keeping mind that Windows Live Essentials 2011 isn't supported on XP; so before you go upgrading - check the specifications.


I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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