Windows Live Writer 2011 - old post retrieval - pt2

imageThis post is a continuation/follow-up to another post I released earlier; addressing problems with being able to retrieve posts that were older, more than 100, via Windows Live Writer 2011.


I submitted this problem to Microsoft support for Windows Live Writer.

Here's the URL:

After a couple of days I got a response from the support team. They replied indicating that they would look into it, and then I received another reply with some web links.

I don’t think the first website really addresses the problem that I’m having specifically with Windows Live Writer and WordPress, but I think the second website was more specific to the point; the exact error that I was having.

The response from Microsoft, basically, is that I don’t have enough memory on my WordPress server to complete a request to download all of the posts from the WordPress blog. And according to the links, I need to contact my host provider [GoDaddy] and ask them if they can upgrade the memory on my WordPress blog.

The only issue that I find with this is that if I was running my own WordPress blog server, this would be no problem. But since my hosting service is GoDaddy, and they provide the hosting for my WordPress blog, they may not be able to provide an upgrade for the server memory that I need; this could be the issue with a lot of peoples blogs.

And if that is the resolution, I think it’s a poor design for Windows Live Writer 2011.

The reason I say that is because another application called, is Zoundry Raven, it’s a free open-source application, that hasn’t been updated in about two years, and apparently doesn’t have any problems with downloading all the headers from a WordPress account.

The thing that I believe Zoundry Raven is doing differently then Windows Live Writer is that Zoundry Raven downloads the entire post, text, images, tags and links; downloading posts with Zoundry Raven takes a little longer provides a much more comprehensive off-line search then Windows Live Writer does.

This shows Zoundry Raven downloading 563 posts and not having any errors with the WordPress blog.

Now, it takes longer, but it’s pulling down a lot more data, but that doesn’t mean Windows Live Writer should or would; because all that’s required is a title and a post id basically.

Make an attempt watch completely; it’s edited for time…

Here’s a new video:


Microsoft is currently looking in to it, but it here for your review as well.

Update: Microsoft reports that they can reproduce the error, they confirm the process could be done better, regardless of the server resources and they’ve filed a bug report with the Windows Live Writer development team. With that said, I hope to see it soon.

Maybe they can cache those posts instead of pull 1000 every time I need to see one. [time waster].

I hope this helps…



Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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