Windows Live Writer Gallery Overhaul Coming

Author Name, authors, Clipboard, Email Address, firefox, Formatting, Hosting Solution, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Msi Installer, New Windows, Plug Ins, Post Publishing, Submission Processes, Team Updates, Windows Live IdIt’s all about the plug-ins. If Microsoft has learned nothing else from Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, it’s the fact that plug-ins make or break an application.

I received an email several days ago and it said that all existing plug-ins and NEW plug-ins are going to have to go through a new process to post plug-ins to the new upcoming Windows Live Writer gallery [or just Windows Live gallery]. Either way, right now, it’s deplorable.

But I seriously doubt this is the way to get this ball started.

Here’s the notice:

Dear Windows Live Writer plug-in authors,

On behalf of the Windows Live Writer team and all of our customers, thank you for the valuable contributions your plug-ins have made to the Writer experience.

We’re writing to let you know that Writer’s plug-in hosting and submission processes are changing.  Note: Existing plug-ins currently hosted on Windows Live Gallery will need to be resubmitted using the new process outlined below.  In the future, should you wish to provide additional plug-ins for Writer, we request that you also submit your plug-ins using this process.

We hope that you find the new plug-in submission process and hosting solution simple and lightweight.

New plug-in submission process:

1. Author uploads plug-in MSI installer to Windows Live SkyDrive using his/her Windows Live ID (email address).

2. Author emails (Windows Live Essentials Plug-ins) including the following information:

· Author name

· Author Windows Live ID (that will host the plug-in MSI)

· Author contact email address

· Plug-in name

· Plug-in description

· Plug-in category (pick only one):

· Formatting/clipboard

· Post publishing

· Pictures

· Buttons

· Other content

· Miscellaneous

· URL to plug-in MSI on SkyDrive

3. Writer team verifies that the plug-in works as described.

4. Writer team updates public list of Writer plug-ins that will include information on the plug-in and a link to the installer that is hosted on the author’s SkyDrive.

5. Writer team notifies plug-in author that plug-in has been listed.

We value your efforts and want to ensure that your plug-ins will continue to be accessible for the many people interested in them.  In order to do this, we need you to resubmit any existing plug-ins on Windows Live Gallery using this new process by September 10, 2010. You will be able to add more plug-ins after this date, but we need you to move existing plug-ins by then.

Please email us with any questions or concerns about the new plug-in submission process at Other support requests should be directed to the Windows Live Solution Center.


The Windows Live Writer Team


Initially, there’s not that many plug-ins in the Windows Live Writer gallery- that stuff is already in a database somewhere. Having to go through the whole process again is a redundant process.

The correct way to handle this is to port everything you have over to the new, new formatted database, and then advise the authors that their information has to be updated. THAT makes more sense…

Why are you going to alienate the people that are attempting to help Windows Live Writer?
     Stop doing stupid stuff!


BUT turning a page…

This is a good thing for Windows Live products and Windows Live Writer specifically. I see this as an opportunity for Microsoft Windows Live to fix the poorly composed gallery section to be more tightly integrated with the Windows Live products.

More something like Chrome or Firefox or even the new Internet Explorer [dear Lord help us].

I would really like to see something really elegant and easy to use and a gallery of plug-ins that can be added to Windows Live Writer without having to restart it to apply the changes.

But we’ll have to see…


Until next time,


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