How to: Get MORE tag with Blogger

imageWindows Live Writer is a strange beast sometimes.

While its highly regarded as the best offline blogging tool, it misses simple and obvious functions. It throws new people who want to use it for a loop, and then they come to the forum searching for answers.

Things like having the option of a MORE option to break a post in to two parts for Blogger.

It's asked in the forums a lot; why it doesn't get resolved? I don’t know.

The break/MORE for WordPress is the same for Blogger. Go figure, but you do have some options.

Here's what your available options are...



Option One... Easy

The first option to get a MORE/Break in Blogger is a plug-in, nicely provided by Scott Lovegrove.

Here's the link to download the plug-in.


Just drop this DLL in the the plug-in folder on your system.

The plug-in folder to Windows Live Writer is:
   "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins"
          or [64-bit]
   "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins"


And here's the other way...

Option Two... Not so easy but just as good.

You can use a nice little tool called Dynamic Templates.
I really suggest you go to the website and watch the videos to get the real idea of the plug-in. It can help/do many things.





But you can do other things too; it's quite configurable to various things Windows Live Writer doesn't do by default.

Download here:


This should be a standard feature of Windows Live Writer.

If you'd like, you can leave feedback here for the Windows Live Writer team for suggestions/improvements:


There's a NEW forum, with more activity and more Microsoft techs working it. I suggest you go there and resubmit your inquiry there...

Here's the URL: 


I hope this helps...


Until next time,

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