How to: Delete An Account From Windows Live Writer 2010

Windows Live Writer is very simple when you’re adding your first blog account to the application; it has an account wizard when you’re first starting off, but the process is not so simple, and straightforward if you’re adding ancillary accounts.

It seems like a very simple function, but apparently the people get confused on what to do on how to add or delete accounts for Windows Live Writer [...]
This post covers only the removal of a blog account.

To delete a blog account for Windows live writer, open Windows Live Writer, choose menu

Note: You require at least one other account before you can delete the only blog account. Meaning you must've at least 2 blog accounts before you remove one.


Choose options


Choose accounts


You’ll need to select the blog account that you want to remove and choose the remove button on the right-hand side.


Choose yes, to continue removing the account.
Once the information has been removed, the blog account will no longer be listed In the Windows Live Writer blog account listing.

But... for privacy

Old information from the old blog account is not removed from the local hard drive.
The Recent Posts and Drafts should be located in the MY DOCUMENTS folder.

     C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Weblog Posts\
     C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Documents\My Weblog Posts\

You SHOULD be able to double-click them from there, or OPEN WITH [Windows Live Writer] if the file association is broken. All the files in the folder should have a 'WPOST' extension.

The information from these folders can be copied and pasted into another directory as required. If you’re simply the deleting and re-creating an account for troubleshooting purposes this would be a perfect example of what to do.

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  1. the remove button is faded for me! I can't delete it. :S

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I'm trying to rename account in windows live writer and still find the way.
    deleting blog is not a problem for me, rename it is the real problem.

    1. There isn't a rename option; but you can go in to the registry and change the blog name there. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer\Weblogs\LONGSTRINGOFNUMBERSANDLETTERS - find the "BlogName"="YOURBLOGNAME" and change the value. Should work…

      I hope this helps...


  4. me too..the remove button is faded for me! I can't delete it. :S

  5. You can't remove a singular blog account; there has to be at least 2 blog accounts in Windows Live Writer. Is that the case?




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