Windows Live 2011: RC distribution September 9th

Based on a post on this website it reports that [via leak] that Microsoft plans to go with the RC on September 9th.

I believe Microsoft has a serious problems with leaks in general.

I’m only listing the highlights...

As noted:

Our source has pointed out a few changes made in recent builds to us which hint that the RC — and following that milestone, the RTM — are very close:

  • Windows Live Mesh branding has been present in internal builds for 2 weeks, essentially “replacing” Live Sync branding; and interesting article outlining this change and the history of Mesh can be found on LiveSide.
  • The Windows Live Essentials 2011 logo is now in the installer, and the installer has an overall updated UI.
  • Refresh button added to the social stream.
  • ‘BETA’ word removed from the software, replaced with ’2011′. So the titlebar of Windows Live Messenger, for example, reads ‘Windows Live Messenger 2011′.
  • It is unknown what build Microsoft have selected for the RC, but 15.4.3119.0902 is the latest internal build being seeded out to early adopters.
  • Those who have used recent builds claim drastic improvements in performance. Also, those installing these recent, pre-RC builds are not required to restart their machines.


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