Windows Live Writer 2012: Continuing To Use An App That Microsoft Has Forgotten


I continue to be a little bit disappointed with Microsoft's progress on any development with Windows Live Writer.  It seems that Microsoft has all but forgotten about Windows Live Writer.  there hasn't been any updates to Windows Live Writer in quite some time in the program still lacks the basic ability for a find and replace function.

Having to come to the realization that Windows Live Writer may actually be a dead product to Microsoft, you have to start thinking about what application you're going to move to next.  Such a concept is fairly depressing because Windows Live Writer has been such a well received application in the blogging community.  It makes the overall blogging process so much easier,  if for nothing more than being able to drag-and-drop images into the blog posts and to be able to see generally, what the blog post is going to look like before it's actually published.

My last attempt to use Zoundry Raven was unsuccessful. I wasn't able to complete the process of actually opening the application. Which indicates to me that the application has completely stopped working in the prospect of using it with WordPress; which is truly unfortunate.

But in the course of looking for something else, something that's updated, and something that's current [more current] I found another off-line blog editor called Chrysanth WebStory. It has some definite advantages over the established Windows Live Writer. I think that Chrysanth WebStory seems to be really developed for people who want to blog.


I like how the application addresses the separate blogs that can be managed with the application, how the pages are listed separately and how the comments can be managed directly within the application.

One of the problems that the application has in common with other off-line blog editors is that it doesn't have the

WYSIWYG interface, but the application does offer a preview mode. In my efforts to use the application I found that there were some benefits, but there's also some downsides and some performance issues. There were enough performance issues where I wasn't able to use the application as effectively as I would like.


The application initially loads fast enough, but I found problems with trying to synchronize the account with the most current posts, trying to create new posts and trying to edit existing posts.

I'm rather disappointed in the fact that someone hasn't stepped forward and created a quality off-line blog editor. I've even more disappointed in Microsoft and the fact that may have taken a beloved application like Windows Live Writer and basically tossed it aside and left it to rot.

Currently, I'm in the process of using several different applications for composition and then I take that information and copy and paste it into Windows Live Writer for the final presentation before it's actually posted to the websites.

It's unfortunate, but I just don't find that the web interfaces for blogging to be that comfortable. Composition pages for WordPress, blogger or using services like ScrybeFire just don't offer the comfort level of composition as Windows Live Writer does/did…

Are you running into this issue? Have you found anything to replace Windows Live Writer? Let me know…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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