How to setup Windows Live Writer with Blogger

yr14g2vaSeems like of the more popular questions in the Windows Live Writer forum is the question/issue of not getting Windows Live Writer to work with a BLOGGER account.

I don’t really understand why, it’s actually quite easy, but I figured I would put something out here and see if it actually helps anyone.Rolling on the floor laughing

If you're reading this, most likely you already have Windows Live Writer already installed on your machine. And for this post I’m going to be working with the latest version of Windows Live Writer 2011 v15 [15.4.3508.1109].

So, having Windows Live Writer you know you've to have at LEAST one account to even use Windows Live Writer. When you first run Windows Live Writer it asks for the blog service you’re going to use.

But again, for this, let’s assume you already have an account setup and you just want to add a BLOGGER account.



Need the information…

First, go to BLOGGER. And everyone knows that BLOGGER ultimately redirects to BLOGSPOT; so don’t get confused.

Login, verify your credentials and the blog URL.

credentials… meaning your User ID and password.

For BLOGGER, the User ID is always the users eMail address. Something like this:


with URL

And this is all you really need for/from blogger to get started with Windows Live Writer.


Now on to Windows Live Writer…

Now go back to Windows Live Writer— which should already be installed on your local PC or laptop. Parts of this were taken from another post to complete this one.


To ADD a blog account to Windows Live Writer:






From here, you’ll actually chose ‘other services’.


When your entering the address of the blog, like Blogger. It’ll be something like:


And then ensure you use the correct ID and password; cut and paste the information where required, or as troubleshooting.

» If you're creeped out about privacy; chose not to remember the password.

From this point, Windows Live Writer should be able to connect with the Blogger account and download your theme; ultimately being able to edit your blog with your theme simulated.


I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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