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imageThere’s a new plug-in for Windows Live Writer; which is nice because it’s something I believe should’ve been offered natively with Windows Live Writer, but that’s why you've guys writing plug-ins.

This one is another Twitter plug-in for Windows Live Writer, but it does you a favor by shortening the URL’s as they’re posted, using

This plug-in is very small at 28k and seems to work as intended.

MyBitlyTweeter.dll is the DLL… just drop it in the Windows Live Writer plug-ins folder to install it, or you can run the default installer and wait 5 minutes.

Options for the plug-in can be found with the other plug-in options, under the MENU.

Choose options » plug-ins…


You’ll notice the standard interface…


Just choose the button for options.


The plug-in requires your account and API; if you've one just punch it right in there. Once you get your API key or if you need to find your API key with it should be here


The post can be customized at bit…

The thing I don’t like about this, and I don’t see an option for it, is to specify which blog accounts to use it on… This is more of an issue with Windows Live Writer than with the plug-in I believe. You've the same issue with the auto-linking XML [all or nothing].

I believe this is a good option for Windows Live Writer, and should thank the author for doing a good job on it.


Bitly Tweeter 

I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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