Windows Live Writer 2011: Adjust Proxy Usage

imageUsing Windows Live Writer with a proxy shouldn't be required, unless you know definitively that your using one. Windows Live Writer uses the settings from the Windows operating system, Internet Options [Control Panel/ Internet options] for communications.

If your default browser is working fine, and you can access the Internet [getting to Hotmail, Google, Yahoo...], there should be nothing to do/change with Windows Live Writer proxy settings; Windows Live Writer should work as advertised.

imageIf you don't know for sure what to do, attempt turning the proxy on/off to see if either work settings work.


If you must change/adjust the settings...
        imageIn Windows Live Writer, [latest version Wave 4]
       Choose Menu» Choose Options » Web Proxy.
       imageCheck the box for Manually Configuration.
              [turning on/off the proxy settings for Windows Live Writer]
       Enter the Proxy server, port, User ID and password.
       Click OK.

If you don't have this information, check with your IT Administrator/Consultant; they'll have this information.

If you don’t have an IT Administrator/Consultant then you’ve got bigger issues.

I hope this helps...

Until next time,

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