Microsoft Finally does something about their support for Windows Live Writer 2012


Microsoft has finally got off their laurels and brought some organization to the support forums. As anybody knows that has visited the ' Windows live' support forms before, there was a dedicated support forum just for Windows Live Writer, but then Microsoft discontinued the ' Windows live' brand of products. So they transitioned all the support forums from that brand over to the to be more in line with everything else they offer.

Transitioning everything over to the new support form was the right thing to do, but what they didn't do was create a specific category for the ' Windows live' products, they simply through  them into ', sky Drive' category.

In a feat of complete laziness, Microsoft didn't even bother to give products to own category for support. So questions for Windows Live Writer were mixed in with questions with the new; which is stupid.

So now, Microsoft is going to give and the sky Drive their own standalone category; which is so hard to do with the first place. [sarcasm]


I honestly don't know this a good thing or a bad thing. Microsoft's attention to detail and efforts into updating Windows Live Writer have been lacking greatly, meaning they haven't updated Windows Live Writer in a long time. So far to say, most people thought that Microsoft was killing off Windows Live Writer; and they may still be doing that. At one point, there was a petition to save Windows Live Writer.

But without any updates to Windows Live Writer, we really don't know. even so, it's glad to see that Microsoft has evening knowledge to the fact that their blundering in the support forums needed to be corrected; it's supposed to go into effect today, November 15— we'll see.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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