How to Load K-Lite Codecs for Windows Movie Maker 2012 [step-by-step]

While Windows Movie Maker says that it supports popular video formats, but the truth is the application doesn't natively support those video formats until the proper codecs installed.  Without having the proper video codecs installed, you may have issues with importing, editing and exporting video [MOV, MP4, AVI, etc…].
As a suggestion for downloading codecs, has an array of codec packs to choose from. I have used the K-Lite codec pack [standard] for years, and I've had very good success; it even gave me the ability to edit FLV files in Windows Movie Maker. I have never had a problem.
I put this together because there are apparently a lot of people scared to install software if they don't know what it is. So, below is a step-by-step installation with screenshots so people can see what's going to happen before they do any thing.

Downloading —

Installation Steps—

Run the installation file; its about 17Mb. This whole installation process should only take about 1-2 minutes.
2014-02-17 18_33_18-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
For this example, I used the advanced option to show all the options for installing K-Lite.
2014-02-17 18_33_29-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Default installation location.
2014-02-17 18_33_37-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Here's a complete list of all components [codecs]. You can Select/Deselect the ones you want.

2014-02-17 18_34_46-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Default options.
Default Selection.
2014-02-17 18_35_24-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
If you already have a video player, like VLC, you can deselect all these.
2014-02-17 18_35_36-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
This is a list all the K-Lite codec will enable Windows to generate thumbnails of the videos you're working on; you should select all these. You never know.
2014-02-17 18_35_45-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Default settings.
2014-02-17 18_35_52-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Watch this section.
If you don't need these services, deselect the AVG options, and check the box at the bottom [no thanks].
2014-02-17 18_36_17-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Almost to copying files— don't stop now!
2014-02-17 18_36_23-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
Copying files.
2014-02-17 18_36_28-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack
That's it! You only have to reboot if you want to, but since this is codecs, it's safer to do a system reboot.
2014-02-17 18_36_51-Setup - K-Lite Codec Pack

With this codec pack loaded in Windows, you should be able to go in to Windows Movie Maker, or any other video editor, and be able to open, edit and encode video properly.
Codecs are only part of the video editing puzzle, system resources, video card,
DirectX and system patches. Ensure you are checking these items too and updating

I hope this helps...

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