Open Live Writer – User Manual [CHM]

This is an 'unofficial' user manual for Open Live Writer. In the days of Windows Live Writer, there was never an official user manual for the application from Microsoft, just a bunch of websites with some how to's.

I decided to write this manual for all the people who might like to have an user manual for Open Live Writer going forward. It covers every function Open Live Writer has from downloading it from the website to the information in the About option.

If you aren't sure, Open Live Writer is an offline blog editor that was once called Windows Live Writer; from Microsoft. Microsoft abandoned the application because it didn't fit their business model for their 'Windows Live' blog platform. Thankfully a group of developers, that happened to love Windows Live Writer, worked with Microsoft to take over the project and make it open source.

Just so you know, this is a 'living user manual' for Open Live Writer; meaning it'll be updated as new features and functions are included with the application.

You can download it from here.

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