Windows Movie Maker 2012 - How Speed Up Or Slow Down Video

Windows Movie Maker 2012 - How Speed Up Or Slow Down Video - Windows Live Writer-2014-03-10 12_32_45

Windows Live Movie Maker is a free offering from Microsoft that offers novice and average users the ability to edit video and from there, be able to share/publish it to Facebook, YouTube, eMail, DVD and even custom resolutions. It's a basic editor with very simplified interface, and it's part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite of applications.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 has had the ability to speed up or slow down video since 2011, but it has not worked correctly until 2012. In previous versions, Windows Movie Maker could adjust the speed of the video, but in doing so the application would dump/drop the audio track completely; which, in some cases, makes the video that much more interesting.

If you'd like to download the full installer for Microsoft Windows Essentials 2012 for offline installation [includes all Windows Essentials apps], you can use this link to download it…


This post is about being able to adjust the speed of the videos imported/created inside Windows Movie Maker.

How to adjust the speed of videos in Windows Movie Maker

Open, Windows Movie Maker 2012, import a video, and then double-click on the video to select it. When you double-click on the video, it activates the EDIT options in Windows Movie Maker.

My Movie - Movie Maker-2014-03-10 12_17_50

You can use the Drop-Down Box to select the speed of the video, or you can enter the desired speed manually; your choice.

As mentioned  before, adjusting the speed of the VIDEO, adjusts the speed of the AUDIO as well.

If you only want one section of the video to be SLOW-MO/Slow Motion [slowed down] then you have to SPLIT out the section you want to adjust, or vice versa for speeding up.

I have illustrated the processing of SPLITTING video here: 

My Movie - Movie Maker-2014-03-10 12_20_14

After adjusting the speed to where you want it, and to the section you want it, you can move on with the next part of your video, or you can SAVE/EXPORT your video.

Good luck with your video editing.



Perhaps/maybe you can find some assistance in the Movie Maker forum:

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