Zemanta for Windows Live Writer 2011 - a new version released v0.66.0

imageIt's been months since Zemanta released a new version of it's plug-in for Windows Live Writer. Zemanta is a great plug-in for Windows Live Writer; it helps to find related images, articles and in-text links for the post that you're currently working on…

But also a couple months ago they were having some problems with demand this plug-in crashing Windows Live Writer; something that I pointed out to them several times and also by providing a video of how the plug-in was crashing the application.

But a new version of their plug-in has been released and they have a lot of new options to offer for customizing the plug-in…

Zemanta has read in the preferences page to offer a lot more information and customization than they had before…

Going into Zemanta's preferences, members will notice that their accounts presented a little bit differently with a listing of options on the left-hand side. The options are available to the members are now laid out in a clear to understand manner and broken down into sections that most people have grown accustomed to seeing— this is a very good improvement.

One of the biggest changes that they've made to Zemanta this for the related articles that are typically put at the bottom of your composition; things that would support your story or stories that would be similar to your own. Previously, by clicking on one of these links the reader would be taken directly to another website, off of yours.

Obviously, blogs want readers to stay on their website. So now, Zemanta has provided the option to open those inserted links into a new window. This is great news for bloggers and I'm glad to see this feature incorporated into the plug-in.

they've also made available some options for the widget that members would see inside of Windows live writer as they're using it…


The website indicates that by either using or not using some portions of the widget, that it's possible to improve the performance of the Zemanta widget.

I also like the ability that they've added to the preferences for the auto updating. Having this option is good because sometimes while Zemanta is updating as your composing your post, the refreshing process can be distracting, and losing your train of thought can be harmful depending upon which are working on.


Zemanta's website: http://www.zemanta.com/

download the plug-in for Windows live writer…


Zemanta's plug-in for Windows live writer 

Version 0.66
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