Windows Live Writer 2011 Updated to v15 [15.4.3538.513]

o3kzhqejWindows Live Writer is a fantastic offline blogging tool with a WYSIWYG editor. It interfaces with just about any blog service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, etc.] If you're a blogger you'll find this tool incredibly helpful- and it's refreshingly free from Microsoft.

Microsoft just pushed out a Windows Live Essentials update and Windows Live Writer was included with that update; pushing Windows Live Writer to the fresh new version of v15 [15.4.3538.513], but in typical Microsoft fashion they offer no ‘WHAT’S NEW’ file, or information page, to clarify what was actually updated.

I’m not understanding how or why Microsoft can’t offer any information as to what they changed or what they updated… where do you find this information?

I  would suspect that most IT shops need this information for audit reasons, but I never see it. I’m not able to find it on any blogs from Microsoft; it’s just not something that I find in the open from Microsoft

Anyway, Microsoft pushed a new version of Windows Live Writer.

If not already, download the latest version...

See also [XP not supported]:


This is the standalone redistributable installer for the entire Microsoft Windows Live essentials 2011 suite [135mb]...


And the Windows Live Writer support forums is the main place to contact Microsoft about your support issues or questions with Windows Live Writer.


Just trying to help…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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  1. I'm just now checking out WLW but find it totally worthless to me as it doesn't pick up my CSS at all. It doesn't even show the correct font or line length. Since getting a preview of my articles in MY styles and with my photo layout before I post was my only reason for using WLW, it does nothing for me. I don't understand why Blogger's preview doesn't show my styles either, but at least I can look at the HTML and make sure everything is correct, which apparently I cannot do with MS, who above all tries to protect all of us from everything.

    As far as your question about why MS doesn't tell you what they change in their newer versions, the answer is because "They are MS and they don't have to!"

    Sorry to sound so grumpy. I saw your nice answers on the WLW forum and thought I would check out your blog. I also saw tons of worthless non-answers from the WLW team -- so typical of MS. It is always someone or something else's problem, never admit a mistake!



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