Windows Live Applications crashing on you? Microsoft says create a NEW ACCOUNT

So, the fun in the Microsoft Windows Live support forums is starting to turn funny again. And since I hang out there a lot I get to see a lot of the same issues pop-up over and over and all the same ones Microsoft has no answer for…

Like the one for Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Writer that either won't start or the application just randomly crashes on users as they're using it. Those are the problems that want to pull your hair out, but when you have to contacting support; you a really searching for some direction or an answer… sadly Microsoft doesn't know the answer…

For the past 2 years, the Windows Live support forums have been plagued with questions about why Windows Live Writer or why Windows Live Movie Maker wouldn't start… It's funny because the Windows Live suite is from Microsoft and yet the applications may not be starting and Microsoft has no idea why… but they do have an unique suggestion.

Create a NEW ACCOUNT… on your Windows operating system.

Why is Microsoft asking users to generate NEW ACCOUNTS?

Because they don't know the requirements of the applications they're distributing…

I'm not discussing the system requirements, like Windows, 1Gb of mem and 500Gb hard drive; NO. I'm discussing WHAT the application needs in order to run, like registry entries, files, folders, profile requirements, DLL and other low level details.

I was just recently working in the Windows Live Movie Maker support fourm and the technician rep finally told the user to generate a NEW ACCOUNT… I was floored.

     I was really shocked…

At that point, I realized; they REALLY DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ELSE TO DO…

They said it was a precaution to rule out other issues, but as the user has already said, he had a new machine, Internet Explorer 9 and all system patches.

A week later in the Windows Live Writer suppot forum the Windows Live support tech told another use to do the same thing… so, at this point, this is something Windows Live support directors/managers have passed down to the technicians to repeat when  they don't know anything else to do…


And then again, why are they doing this?

Because they don't know the TRUE requirements of the applications. The reasoning is that they think/believe the profile you're using is CORRUPT. BUt because they don't know what the Windows Live applications [Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Writer] really need under the hood, they want the users to just wipe everything, basically, and start over with a NEW ACCOUNT.

Yeah, when I saw the tech telling them that, I was just stunned.

A Microsoft tech in the Windows Live forums was actually telling an user to trash everything, create a NEW ACCOUNT, to be able to use an application from Microsoft that wasn't working— ONE application.


Where's the logic in this?

Microsoft should know; should have knowledge of what their applications require to run.

Where's the system checks?

Where's the checking of required files?

Where's the list of requires files/registry entries?

Why can't they give users a list of things they changed from version to version?


If something is corrupt; what's corrupt? Where did the application crash? Searching for what file? Attempting to execute what routine? Why can't they dig down that deep?

Do the devleopers know? Windows Live Writer has a log file [so helpful], but if Windows Live Writer can't start, no log file— not helpful.

One thing that Windows Live applications don't say is about the requirement a current version of Internet Explorer and .net. and with Windows Live Movie Maker, making sure the DirectX on your system is updated.

It just seems odd that Microsoft Windows Live will not offer this level of support, but rather tell the users to just basically start over…

All for 1-2 applications from Windows Live…

So, if you are having issues with you Windows Live application; either not starting or crashing on you at random— Microsoft says, 'we don't know, create a new account'.



I hope this helps...

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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