Windows Live Writer: WordPress and using the NEXTPAGE tag

imageOn my website, I was playing with the option of breaking my larger posts in to smaller pages. So, in lieu of having one massive log post, [like 3000 words], I've got a piece here, piece here and piece here; basically spoon feeding the reader the information for some of my longer posts that have to do with how to's.

And what I noticed during this process of researching the ability and how to accomplish it and IF it'd be a good idea; I found that WordPress and Windows Live Writer don't have the option to use the <!--nextpage--> tag in WordPress.

Baically, if you go in to the WordPress editor and in to Windows Live Writer 2011; you don't have these options.

Windows Live Writer screenshot:


WordPress web editor…


Now, how's one supposed to take advantage of a feature, if the feature is never offered.

Obviously, having to login to WordPress and insert these <!--nextpage--> tags would be a PITA to deal with, but to be able to handle them in Windows Live Writer would be a bit nicer [you'd think]. But since Windows Live Writer doesn't offer the option either, you might fee short changed.

But there's an answer…

Enter Windows Live Writer plug-ins!

You can use a nice little tool called Dynamic Templates.
I really suggest you go to the website and watch the videos to get the real idea of the plug-in. It can help/do many things.


It's quite configurable to various things Windows Live Writer doesn't do by default. Ensure to watch the VIDEOS on its abilities...

Download here:

And I have mentioned this before… but it works!

     And here's what I did…

I already had the plug-in installed, so I created a template…


I saved it, and so now, I can calll this code anytime I'd like to… making it very easy to make larger posts a little easier to digest [to some readers].


The code is put right in to the Windows Live Writer post…


Obviously, this perhaps not be for everyone, and everyone perhaps not agree with using the <!--nextpage--> tags, but if you do and you use WordPress; this is an option for you.

Personally, I believe this should be an option in the next version of Windows Live Writer. If WordPress has this option and Windows Live Writer is supposed to support WordPress; it should support the basic functions that WordPress offers.

If you'd like, you can leave feedback for the Windows Live Writer team for suggestions/improvements:

I hope this helps...


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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