Windows 'Movie Maker' 2012 - Adding narration and additional sound tracks

3ecuazrzMicrosoft dropped the LIVE from their vocabulary; throwing the Microsoft Live world on their heads again. I can honestly say I never thought that Microsoft 'Live' was a good idea; to the point that I believe the guy who thought of it should be publicly shot for outright stupidity.

But Microsoft has been trying to compete with Apple on their basic grounds or video and picture handling and that battle has actually produced some nice 'essential' tools for the mass Microsoft user base. The battle produced the Windows Live Essentials collection, currently just 'Windows Essentials'… well, in that suite of products there's Windows Movie Maker 2012; just released, just updated.

After months and months of complaining about the obtuse move to remove narration from the base application Windows 'Movie Maker'; Microsoft has 'wisely' reinstated the function of narration, but it's not so much as just narration; they added an option for a second  audio track…

I hear the screams and woes of many who needed this…

If you dive in to the latest version of Windows Movie Maker you'll see the options for narration [more glee].


If you click directly on to narration you get the narration options, but if you click the little drop down arrow to the right of it…



This option is to be able to import narration files, OR other audio files… These files will be placed in the timeline in the movie composition window.


These additional files are intended for narration, but who’s to say they have to be for narration; they could be anything… and that's what everyone should know… and take advantage of…

If not already, download the latest version of Windows Live Movie Maker 2011-
you can download it from here. [Note: XP is not supported]...


I hope this helps...


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

...via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12

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