Windows Live Writer 2012: Anyone happen to notice this?

I was setting up my new blog today and realize that I missed something with the new [whatever] version of Windows Live Writer 2012…image

Let’s just forget about the fact the Windows Live dev team seems to not give a second thought about moving Windows Live Writer forward anymore, but also that they cared so less that they couldn't bother with removing the references to 'LIVE'.

For Christ sake people, LIVE is dead! Microsoft said so months ago. And Microsoft devs couldn't bother to remove the freaking word 'live'. Good job!

More over, when I went to add my new blog to Windows Live Writer [seems odd stating that now]; it still asked me if I wanted to add my blog to Windows Live. [oh, my God] And if you click the link, you still go there… the height of obtuse and lazy the Windows Live devs have gone to achieve this is impressive.

In my opinion, I believe Microsoft has decided that having a popular application like this is too good to be free and they're going to be pushing people to Microsoft Office here soon; to use Microsoft Word. I'll have to wait to see if I'm wrong…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.



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