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I added a new plug-in to my website the other day called SEO Smart Links to help me with linking to external resources. During the composition phase of an article you sometimes miss an opportunity to insert a hyper-link to a resource. Windows Live Writer has an auto-link feature, but the truth is, it's better to make the change on the server so all the previous posts get the update too. You can't do that with Windows Live Writer.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links

Under the 'add new link' option you have this…

SEO Smart Links

As you'll notice there's options to limit the number of hyperlinks per post, if you want the target to be blank. SEO Smart Links also allows the option for self links and do not follow.

The title is really the group, the keywords are all the alternates you want to make the auto links; as shown in the first screenshot.

You can maintain a list of URLs that you don't want to have automatically linked list.

SEO Smart Links does a good job of maintaining hyperlinks and the keywords/ phrases, but one thing that plug-in doesn't offer is the ability to import a list. I found no way for the plug-in import a text file with the free version.

There is a premium plug-in available that has the import option available.

You can watch a video of it here:


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