How to Publish a PAGE to WordPress

pvmbwa5iSo one of the common questions in the Windows Live Writer forum is can Windows Live Writer publish a PAGE to WordPress, and the answer is yes.

Actually, the function has been there for a long time. Sadly, and the purpose of this post, users normally don’t attention to the options of the application.

I believe this mainly because there’s no Windows Live Writer Users Manual; there’s no definitive way to look up, on the user’s own, if the application can do it or not. And the forum search doesn’t work, so here’s this…

In Windows Live Writer 2011 and previous versions, you can simply choose NEW and then choose POST or PAGE; it's one of the basic functions of Windows Live Writer.


This option isn’t an option you just put out there as an ICON, like you do the new POST. You actually have to use the MENU, and choose NEW.

Once you start a NEW PAGE, you’ll notice the composition options change…


You’ll now have a Page Parent and Page Order…


For instance, the parent Page, from the screenshot above, PC TOPICS is the PARENT page… all the pages under them are child pages. And the Page Order can specify where in that list the new page will be listed.

0 [zero] being the very first option/number.

Once you're in PAGE composition, you can also choose the PARENT page [if there's one] and you can also select the ORDER of where the PAGE should appear in the menu listing [of pages]. As explained above.

The composition of a PAGE and a POST are basically the same, as far as Windows Live Writer is concerned, but Windows Live Writer doesn’t set categories or tags for PAGES.

And you PUBLISH the PAGES just as you would a POST.


In fact, if you need to make changes to the page later, use the MENU and choose OPEN. You can choose from there which page to edit..






So if you are curious, or were curious if you can do a NEW PAGE with Windows Live Writer and WordPress… yes.

Yes you can.


I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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