Problem: Windows Live Writer 2011 crashing with Zemanta’s plug-in at 500+ words

imageI have two other posts to report on the issue that I’m having with Windows Live Writer 2011. The problem seems to be specific to using Zemanta’s plug-in for Windows Live Writer.

A couple of months ago [September 2010], I reported the error to Zemanta and they’ve been looking in to the issue.

One of their developers connected in to my system and I was able to show them the error, where it appeared, and I even zipped up all my plug-in DLL’s and sent them, so they could do some testing. At the time of this post the issue is still there… and a bit irritating to me because I can’t write a post without Windows Live Writer crashing at 460-500+ words; seems to be consistent at right at 460+ words.

So, I emailed them again for an update…

I was advised that they couldn’t reproduce the error, and they asked me to disable all my plug-ins and make an attempt get the error again with Windows Live Writer and their plug-in; ok. I believe some would think that’s nuts, but I understand; it’s troubleshooting and it needs to be done.

So, understanding that writing 500 words each time to simply make an application crash would be ridiculous, and a lot of work.

But I used AutoHotKey to send RANDOM TEXT using a RAW input option to send the keystrokes; and it works. So if you need something to send 500+ words to an application for testing, let know; I’ll eMail it to you… this is blogger; I can’t attach files.

Anyway, here’s my video…

So, it continues to crash even after all the plug-ins were disabled.

And for testing purposes, I did it several times…

I also, proved that it’s not just the related articles, but other parts of the plug-in that failed. I showed that clicking on on the UPDATE option Zemanta produces another error. Listed below…


I don’t know what that means, but this post isn’t for me, it’s for them.

Zemanta says they can reproduce the error. And at this point, it seem like just me, but I’d like to invite others that use Zemanta to see if you can produce this error…

Again, if you need an application to send random text to another application; let me know. And I’ll eMail this to Zemanta so they can test with it.


I appreciate it…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

PS- this post was less than 500 words- crash.

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