How to edit a published POST or PAGE with Windows Live Writer

uti1l4xeWindows Live Writer is a great offline blog tool and lots of bloggers fall in love with it’s abilities.

Windows Live Writer is a fantastic offline blogging tool with a WYSIWYG editor. It interfaces with just about any blog service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, etc.] If you're a blogger you'll find this tool incredibly helpful- and it's refreshingly free from Microsoft.

Windows Live Writer is simple to use and yet some user still have issues with some of the simplest of functions; possibly because Windows Live Writer has no user manual.

But this is how to edit a published POST or PAGE

The latest version of Windows Live Writer has the ribbon interface; I believe most people liked the old interface, but that’s not what we’re discussing today… But I mention it because you’ll need to use the MENU option.


Choose the option for RECENT POST. You don’t have to choose a specific post at that point— just the ‘open recent post’ menu option.


Choose the BLOG/Blogging service [Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Etc.] you might use.

I’m using WordPress for this example, but for services like Blogger, Windows Live Writer doesn’t support editing PAGES.

If you want to OPEN/EDIT a page in BLOGGER with Windows Live Writer, you can do this...

It's not perfect, but it works...

Once you get to the next window, you have the option to choose a POST or a PAGE… most people miss this option.


Make your selection. Once you choose, Windows Live Writer will go out and pull in the most recent 50 PAGES or POSTs from that blog.

If you need to go back further, use the drop down box ‘SHOW’ to show/find older posts.


Be advised, there’s a problem with this function in Windows Live Writer v15 [15.4.3508.1109] where some WordPress blogs can’t pull over 100 posts… this is a problem with how Windows Live Writer pulls the posts from the server. Basically, the server runs a query, the query uses excessive memory and the query fails, thus fails Windows Live Writer. This issue has already been verified and reported by myself.

Option for opening really old posts…

From there, you can use the FILTER option.


Again, finding PAGES or POSTS is done exactly the same way…

Once you find the blog post/page you want double-click on it, or select it and click okay.


From this point you would edit your post/page as you normally would; as any other item.

Keep in mind as well that with a PAGE; you’ll have options for parent pages and ordering…This can be adjusted with Windows Live Writer as well, even for pages already published.


Once you have completed your edit, choose the PUBLISH button at the top and the new, revised page, will be sent back to the blog- back as the same page, not a new page.


That’s it, that’s all..

I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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