Zemanta still problems with it's plug-in with Windows Live Writer 2011

Zemanta still having problems with it's plug-in with Windows Live Writer 2011I reported a problem way back with Zemanta and the plug-in for Windows Live Writer; it was the one where Zemanta's plug-in would crash Windows Live Writer at right about 460+ - 500 words. I got their attention and then I was able to get one of their developers to remote in to my machine and they were able to see the problem in action.

Later Zemanta released another version of the plug with a fix; but it was only a slight fix… the bug was still there; only in a different spot.

Now, the plug-in has recently gotten worse; it crashes if you even so much as hover over the related articles listing…

I contacted them again and I sent them a screenshot, but sometimes videos work a lot better.

Hopefully this will provide enough of an example of what's happening that they might be able to figure out where the problem is and can get it resolved.

I take preference to the plug-in, but in its current state, it's unusable…

[staring at Zemanta]


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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