Notice: Blogger is creating the wrong SLUG for Blogs

ctrl4ehiThis started like last week [or more]. People using Windows Live Writer and blogger may have noticed this; mainly because Windows Live Writer is the de facto standard for offline blogging.

Basically, the problem is that when people compose blogs and then submit them to their respective blogs to be posted, the SLUG or URL they uses is typically composed of the words use in the title of the blog post. and as of recently, this hasn't been happening with blogger.

Blogger is taking the first sentence of the blog, not the title, and creating the default SLUG or URL for the post. it's really nothing more than irritation, but it should get some notice because it doesn't create a very efficient SEO tagged blog post.

Obviously, everyone knows that there is a standard API that all blog services use to post articles while off-line, to blog servers. And what were noticing here is that blogger has deviated from the standard.

This currently posts in the Windows Live Writer support forums and bloggers support forum...

Windows Live Writer support forum:


I think the problem has already been well established that the issue lies with blogger because they are not adhering to the standard blogger API.

And by using other applications such as Zoundry Raven, the problem still exists; because the standard API is still being used. Until blogger fixes the problem, users are going to continue to have this problem…

But there is a workaround…

With whatever application that you're using to post to your blog, post a draft of your article,  then go to the blog directly, open the draft, and post your article from there. The correct slug for blog post should be put in place…

I hope this helps...

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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